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Good call Pat, I would like to add not only is he full of shit, he is actually shit and has flattered to deceive for too long. Bye bye, the sooner the better, he is taking up valuable wages we could be paying to player who will contribute.





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Joe said.........""He has shown great potential but always seems to be injuried. He just needs to stay fit.""





Has always been injured and he's never been fit, 18 months of pure Drivel asking for chance after chance to prove himself. He has to be the worst ever signing this club has made, come the summer he will have been here two years and been paid Two and a half million pounds. I'd rather they gave that money to one of those blokes who sell the "big issues".


DONT GET ME STARTED ON THIS ONE AGAIN, if he was a horse they would have shot him by now........... fookin waster. :angry:

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he is a player that should never play in the english league, he has not got the strenght to man it. he is suited to italian league where its not as physical and play builds up slightly slower.... plus in italy there are no little scallies that will still his dog.... but there are mafiosa types that will break his legs.... its swings and roundabouts.

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