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Has anyone heard a rumour that David Moyes and academy director Ray Hall have clashed? Apparently David Moyes pointed out that the academy has not been productive of late and players were not good enough for the first team (possibly including Anichebe and Vaughan!?) and wanted an explanation and Ray Hall threw it back in his face by enquiring why David Moyes 's only visits to the Netherton academy twice a year.


Also heard Ray Hall could be retiring at the end of next year and this guy from crewe Paul Bennett is his long term replacement.

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@ the time A Czech kid soon to be of our league & also @ the time a 16 yr old local lad 2 me who this year came 2nd in oz league Player of the year points & scored goal of the season.


In ref 2 the Oz kid of Sth american ethnicity a returned email stated we are "aware" of this youngster.




Do keep us posted veeeeeesavveeee this alleged clash.


Like any position I suppsoe, all facets could do with a shake up from time 2 time.

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Guest blueboy122

Do u have his email address you could give to me please pat?


Did anyone see that the youngster scored 2day vidarsson I dont no what the goals were lyk but still lie to see are youngsters getting first team action and then getting on the scoresheet

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