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Everton Vs Bolton


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4-4-2(First 11):










Subs : Turner, Ferguson, Weir, Osman, Li Tie


2-0 to the Toffees..... :angry: Good luck

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im telling you now, you will not see that team!








cant see weir or valente being dropped, arteta and cahill both have to play, i strangely think we will is mcfadden








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This is gona be another bitch of a game, i dont think it would be productive either to bring in Koldrup now especialy with Bolton's arial power (apparently that is Koldrups only weakness)!







Bench: Turner, Koldrup, Davies, Ferguson (that will do unless any of the injured soldiers are back???????) the rest dont deserve a free seat for the game, they should all stay at home (Especialy Mr Bent)!


If Faddy is injured then play Duncan and just go for it <_<

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Got a horrible feeling bolton will get one over on us.


We 'nick' three point of them and I just think they are the type of team that can use that to there advantage.


They are a strong bunch - and having had another three point taken of us at home in mid week, I think the lads will be a bit nervouse again.


Hope I am wrong,


0-2 Bolton :)

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Is Jimmy mac injured? Would be a shame just as he seems to be coming good (and as I put him in my fantasy footie team on Wednesday).


Needs a fitness test. Don't panic people, eight games ago if we'd been offered four wins and two draws out of eight we'd have fallen over each other to take it. May not have come quite as you'd expect but we're still OK I think. 2-1 home win for me..Beattie and Yobo. :) (and hopefully Nolan for Bolton, cause he's in my FF team too).

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Why DM is playing 4-5-1 again ??? it should be 4-4-2.. and arteta not playing on right wing...


Weir is useless... his mistake had lead to Bolton's 2nd goal, Osman and Valente give them 2 goals... What is happening to them ???


Weir should be on the bench from now onwards. Valente is not good enough, let Ferrari replace him.


Why replace Hibbo with Neville.. ? Neville is not good at right back.


For the first time, I think DM should be sacked if we can't get 9 points from the last 3 games in December.


Our midfield is simply not good enough to pass the ball, non attacking.. Since Wright plays and VDM out injured, we didn't win a game. We NEED VDM and MARTYN back as soonest possible.


DM should spash cash on 2 good strikers that can score more goals, and 1 midfielders and a goalkeeper.

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i don't think you can blame our results on no VDM or Martyn.


Wright wasn't bad in the United or West Ham games and I don't know how he played in this one but sounds like out field players cost us a few of the goals.


we could have easily won against united without vdm if some of our players could finish better.


VDM hasn't done that much for us, while i see him as a good prospect who has constantly been improving in performance he isn't the player that's got us back on our feet.

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Guest fozzie22
Sadly the ref was right both times, but 67% posession and ten corners to none.. how can you lose 4-0? Shocking.

Yup the ref and linesmen had good games,correct dessions all round.


Hibbert would have gone as well if it was any other ref.

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It's time for Weir to let Per start alongside Yobo. Weir was dominated by Kevin Davies today !!! Terrible errors by Weir, Valente and Ossie/Yobo for the goals. Nuno Valente threw the towel in today as well - he'll never make it in the premiership (we've lost both games since the useless crap came back from injury and Neville moved out of left back), let's get Ferrari back at left back - he looked good there when he played earlier in the year.


Rest of the team played ok for 70 minutes - still not much cutting edge from the midfield without VDM - need him back quick.


I'm as pissed off as the next fan but changes in the defence will help us get back on a positive run !!



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