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What do people think?


I have seen him play in all 3 of his last performaces, 1st game class, 2nd game quite (though everyone in the game was substandard, he was sent off but it wasnt a sending off offence for me) and his performace in the champ league last night was really good.


Personally i think that england are underperforming and could use beckham back in the team. Think he could make a very good sub. start with lennon and the replace him with beckham. think he'd make more of an impact off the bench than someone like Shaun wright (only my dad thinks im brilliant) phillips.


Im not saying he should be starting line-up but not to include him in the team at all seems silly, Maclarren just wants to impose his own stamp on the team, and becasue beckham was so synonamous with Sven he is the obvious target. It just remains to be seen if mcclarren can admit he may have made a mistake with leaving out beckham.,



Dont get me wrong im not the biggest beckham fan in the world but think the way england is going we can't afford to not have him in the squad

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In competitive games you play your best eleven players, regardless of age or anything else. McLaren dropped him to show everyone he was in charge, complete dick. Don't really care who plays and I don't really think it matters until they ditch the manager 'cos we're going nowhere with him in charge.

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