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Keane Signs


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I have no doubt that my source was telling me the truth - Moyes telling players that we were signing Keane. How many times is this going to happen with our club?


Most of the time when you hear that Arsenal or Chelsea or even Liverpool are going to sign someone for definate - they normally do!


How many players do we speak to and not sign? I liken it to looking at a pair of trousers, trying them on and then look at the price again and end up putting them back. Eventually we are gonna be gettin laughed at cos we are seen wearing our brothers hand me downs. It's gotta stop, Parker, Emre, Bellamy, Sissoko (prob not the same - we told someone in the shop we were buying them whilst they were still on the rack). We are getting linked with so many players and then let down that i am never going to take anything for granted unless they have actually signed or they are a Division 1 player that no one else wants.

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No - don't be silly! Robbie keane is young, talented and approaching his peak form - why would we want to sign such a player?


Truth be known - we have survived off players who have had their better days, I don't want us to continue on those lines. Robbie keane would be a great signing - but he will cost the going rate - we don't pay the going rate. As you can tell - I'm gettin tired of knowing what we need and seeing the club not get it. How many windows do we need to sit through to see this.

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Guest fozzie22
chaps the bottom line is that we are not exactly a terribly attractive club at the moment......never mind chelsea, arsenal, man utd, liverpool or newcastle - we have less pulling power than the likes of spurs, bolton, villa or borough at the moment....

Sadly true..but in all fairness i didnt think he would come to us,he was going to celtic all the time.

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