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Giant Squid


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There are probably loads of large cephalopods in the antarctic regions, some experts think that beneath the icey surface there are air pockets the size of Anglessey and predict that many undiscovered species live. Some loons also beleive they could be distant cousins of Nessie.

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lol mike,


the thing is, isn't there a type of squid bigger than a giant squid? Its called the colossal squid.

Its not the same diagram I saw but its similiar...




I definately think theres loads of other big(ger) species than these in the depths. We put so much effort into exploring space yet there are loads of places in the oceans that have and will remain unexplored for ages.

Not sure whats the deepest we've explored but I'm sure the rift in the Pacific ocean (the deepest one in the world) would be a hell of a lot deeper than we can explore. We haven't even explored all the rivers yet, sure I watched a programme about new creatures being found in the Amazon which included a different type of cat fish never seen before. And that was a few metres below the Amazon river, never mind the massive openess of the ocean.

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did anyone see a thing on the news, probably about a year ago now, about some marine biologist who were just making routine underwater recordings and just by chance filmed... and when they announced this on the news i thought it was the coolest news story ever to be broadcast.... anyway they filmed a giant squid fighting a sperm whale.... FIGHTING... its like something out of a horror movie... so cool... gonna see if i can find an archived news story

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