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Cricket World Cup 20 - 20 Update

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Thought i would set up a thread for the upcoming world cup (don't know how intersted everyone else is in cricket though)


For those who don;t know its held in the West Indies and begins on 13th March.


The teams involved are as follows:-


Australia, Bangledesh, Bermuda, Canada, England, India, Ireland, Kenya, Holland, New Zealand, Pakistan, Scotland, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Zimbabwe.


The tournamennt begins with a group satges (and are as follows)


Group A: Australia , South Africa , Scotland , The Netherlands

Group B: Sri Lanka , India , Bangladesh , Bermuda

Group C: New Zealand , England , Kenya , Canada

Group D: Pakistan , West Indies , Zimbabwe , Ireland


Each team plays each other once and you get 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 for loosing. The top two teams from each group go through to the "super 8's" round.


this is where it get slighlty more confusing


Then each team in the "super 8's" play each other once (apart from the team you have already played in your own group) the top four teams then move onto the semi-finals. This is decided by another league table, with the points from the group stages carrying over.


it then goes semi's(1st play 4th and 2nd play 3rd)- then its the final.




i think thats about it.



I reckon that Sri Lanka are going to be very strong in the competion, though south africa have been playing very well recently- (they are curently 1st in one day rankings/ australia are still 1st in overall rankings)

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No doubt England will go through. New Zealand are strong though, rated third in the world, so winning the group will be tough. There are only ten full ICC members (including Zimbabwe which is a bit of a joke currently) so most of the last eight are pretty obvious.


The only possible upset IMO would be maybe in group B where Bangladesh (ranked 9) could push either India (5) or Sri Lanka (6).


If you look at the bookies odds it's incredibly open...Oz still faves at 2-1ish but drifting all the time, SA about 4/5-1 and the other top six on 8/9/10-1. Anybody's really, just a question of getting on a roll (but sadly I don't think it'll be England).

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we would really have to screw up badly to not progress to the super 8 round.


cant see us winning it, but i suppose we cant really judge until we see how we start performing. If we can perform like we did in the tri-nations final then we may have a fair shot.


all depends on injuries as well. Brett Lee has been withdrawn from the ozzies team- which is nice

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the first named two in each of those groups should go through, think the others are there just to make up the numbers. :)


Unfortunately true. The REAL WC starts only after the 1st group stages.

But then again, these smaller teams do see their chance to shine in some glory. Does anyone remember the century that Canadian player scored against West Indies in 03? Indias game was going in parallel but i actually stopped watching our game to watch Canada post a score of almost 200. Of course, WI chased that in under 20 overs, but such moments arent forgotten.

Kenya reached the semis of the last edition as well. Beat Sri Lanka in the quarters. I dont see any surprise package this time round but hopefully we might see a couple of surprise results early on.



I'm excited!

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Well you all be pleased to no the Aussies have lost 5 1 dayers on the trot whilst Losing Symonds, Lee & hayden to injury.


Not only that the bowlers have been reg going for 80 odd lately from their 10.


Wheels fallen off perhaps ?


Say wickets will be slow, May suit Sri Lanka, India.


My dark Horse is NZ.

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My reg Bookie's suggest the following: ( Current Tournamnet winner odds )










INDIA 9.00












KENYA 251.00


IRELAND 501.00


BERMUDA 1001.00


CANADA 1001.00




SCOTLAND 1001.00



So much for my dark horse, the recent shellacking of Australia has firmed them.

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Lots of suss spec over the Pakistani paceman - Lots of Sceptisism & reports oput of Pakistan Shoab was in london this week for private Drug tests, failed miserably & has wtidrawn coz of a sudden ankle inj.


Love the got injured taking drugs pun.


Shoab 4 one shold never be allowed to play again, the youngster needs close monitoring.


I read with a chauckle that Shoab's repalcement is " Yasar Arafat "...Ohhh irony. :)

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  • 2 weeks later...






That for for me is cricket.





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