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What About The Fans?


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Ive thought long and hard about the situation we are in now, many fans not being able to afford the vastly inflated ticket prices that are being charged, so, what are the options? I see that the mood at the moment about lowering prices is gathering pace......even a government minister has joined in!


There must be many fans or ex fans maybe, who just cant afford to pay these prices, so do they just watch it on the telly? which to me will never ever be as good as watching it from the terraces, or do they maybe go to watch a non league game, or possibly pack in all together. I guess that the majority just watch the telly.


Now then, going back a few years, there used to be something called the Lancashire league, all the big clubs used to put there A and B teams in it, they used to compete with the local non league teams, 'proper football' !! not like some of this academy purist football that i have watched regularly over the past years. These lads should be mixing it up with some of the blood and thunder that is the non league. Why couldnt there be a new league formed that included all the premiership clubs reserves, and existing non league teams? I dont think that one game a week or even less is enough for our reserves, and youth for that matter, maybe the Premier and league clubs could compete mid week in there existing leagues, and then on a Saturday play in what is now the Conference? I think the FA has a lot to answer for, that new Wembley is going to be the business but at what cost? unbelievable money, not enough is spent at grass roots.


So, what i am saying is, the fans who struggle to pay inflated prices in the Premiership, might just be tempted to watch their team play in a league that is currently the Conference, i know i would watch it, especially if we went back to having players fighting for their places like it used to be, if your not playing well, your playing in the reserves, this squad system is all me arse, it is all very nice for these overpaid under performing individuals picking up vast sums of money come what may......Beattie is a prime example, god only knows how much he has cost this club, and for what?

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Personally, im pissed at the rate of the price inceases, but as a good sheep season ticket holder ill probably be there next year, despite wynesses spin of a "price freeze" Even if there is a price freeze it will be on the inflated price from last season and not the price I paid for this season


That would be good if prem teams cuold enter their reserves into the bottom of the non-league system, imagine Everton reserves getting promoted from the UNI-bond to the conference and so on. You could see some teams though going right up through the system, imagine Arsenals reserves, although I dont think they would last five minutes in the conference setup, they'd be diving everywhere

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