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Posthumous Knighthoods?


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Can understand posthumous awards in some circumstances, like a VC or GC for someone who died in the act of earning it but like Bill said, if they didn't earn it while they were alive. The Osgood one particular is laughable, should we give Gazza one too (not posthumous obviously but give him time)?

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I think the whole honours system has become a joke, people get then for all sorts of crap


There should be more given away to the unsung heros of the world (well the UK)


Like that woman who had worked at the chippy for about 60 years :thumbsup_anim:

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like when you see gerrard getting an mbe for doin nout but play football.


my grandad got an mbe in 1991 for 30 years in the sea cadet forces. he couldnt get in the navy coz of bad eyesight so he dedicated his life to the sea cadet corps even when he had to do 12 hour shifts he would skip dinner so he could go to the sea cadets. he was on a shit wage and had to look after a wife and 3 kids (one being my mum who had growing problems). and after 30 years he finally got an MBE.


now compare what he did to what gerrard has done and beckham. injustice really

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