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Football Chants

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Was looking at the BBC quotes of the week section and saw this very good arsenal chant and thought i would share it:-



Let's talk about Cesc baby, lets talk about Flam-in-i, let's talk about Theo Walcott, Freddie Ljungberg and Henry, let's talk about Cesc."


Arsenal fans, To the tune of Salt and Pepa's "Let' Talk About Sex


i thought that this one was very good and then thought we could have a thread of football chants (there may already have been one, if so sorry for wasting time)


anyway others that ive heard that have stuck in my mind are-


2Steve Gerrard Gerrard, kisses the badge on his chest, then puts in a transfer request, steve gerrard gerrard"


Mant Utd fans to the kopites


"Van Per-sie. when a girl say so. Molest her."


To the tune of rewind.


"Fat Eddy Murphy. You're just a fat eddy murphy"


sung to Jimmy Floyd Hasslebank

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Once had a lad sat near me in Bullens Rd who tried to start a chant (bless him), about Tim Cahill to the tune of CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG which as you can imagine went- "Timmy Cahill, Timmy, Timmy Cahill. Timmy Cahill, Timmy Timmy Cahill. OH TIM, Timmy Timmy Cahill, Timmy Timmy Cahill we love you".

It wasnt a bad little ditty BUT he really shouldve got his mates to join in with him. Needless to say it faded out into a wimper and was heard no more.

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glad someone else has responded on this one.


remebered another class chant yesterday as well


man u fans about Park Ji Sung


"Park park where ever he may be, they eat dogs in his home country, it could be worse he could be fucking scouse, eating rats in his council house"


Now bar the insults to liverpudlians, this is a good chant. and chants are supposed to be offenisve to some degree....

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