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Everton Run In - 10 Wins Out Of 10!


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Now I have got your attention - I think all our games are very much win able - Even thou we have to play 4 of the top 5 sides.


Lest agree ,although not that easy, all the above are very much games where an Everton win is very much do able-

Sheff Utd (A)

Villa (A)

West Ham (A)

Fulham (H)

Charlton (H)

Portsmouth (H)


That is I would expect a win in all the home games, and I would expect us to go looking for a potential win in all the away games.



That leaves


Bolton (A) - This game is being played on Bank Holiday Monday - We play on the Friday before and Bolton play on the Saturday - giving Bolton only 48 hour between games and ourselves an extra days rest. So I would say another winnable game.


Chelsea (A) - last game of the Premiership season - my guess it that the Premiership will have been decided by then so could be a second string of players out or even a set of players with one eye on playing in the FA cup final. So maybe not as difficult game as it may look on paper. again winnable if we have something to play for and Chelsea have not.


Man Utd (H) - If Man U beat Chelsea, then the Premiership may already have been won by this game. If Man U get to the CL semi finals then the first leg is in the mid week before the game and the second leg in the mid week after the game. Again, this game may not be one of Man U's priorities.


Arsenal (H) - My guess is this game could be the most competative. However, I am sure our team will be up for a home game against Arsenal and they are definately beatable at the moment.


So there we are 10 win out of 10 for me.


Seriousely, i think we have a fairly decent run in if the squad really put their mind getting to getting 5 or 6th place in the league.

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would love it to happen, but can't really see it.


and i think that villa away will be a very hard game. and also bolton away will be difficult.


i agree that a result a chelsea is doable as the prem will probably be wrapped up by then, blackburn got a result last game of the season against them. but its important to remeber that they are very good at stammford bridge- they still havn't been beaten their in the prem under mourihno have they?

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Ha Ha, it's all very tounge in cheek really, hence the 'got your attention' and 'seriousely' and the end.


I don't actually think in a month of Sundays we will win the last 10 games either.


I was just doing the old 'looking through the fixtures' routine -and thought the run in wasn't too bad, especially with a bit of close scutinisation.


Think of it this way -


Bar perhaps the Arsenal game, the other 'tough' games listed all may well have other forces acting in our favor - so I would say possibly easier than if we played them over the next couple of weeks.


But of all the other games listed I would say Everton should be taking to the pitch looking at winning those games, or at least thinking there are realistically 3 point up for grabs.


If you maybe take Villa away as the next toughest game.


Is that a game you would take a draw before kick off or is it a game you would say lets take our chances on the pitch for 3 points? What are Villa playing for??? I think personnally I would take my chances.


I also think being a team chasing 5th and 6th place give you that bit more drive than the teams holding on to those places.



I've now convinced myself again - we are about to have an 11 game winning streak!!! :lol::lol:


Only a bit of fun on a slow day!!!

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WEST HAM, FULHAM, CHARLTON & PORTSMOUTH are MUST WIN games for us. And hopefully we can pick up a couple of draws in the other games. I realistically cant see us getting more than 14 points in the remaining fixtures. But that should just about see us scrape into the Euro spot.

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6 wins should be enough really, hopefully pompy and reading make it easy for us
I have a feeling that both teams will drop in the table. Tottenham on the other hand will be tough based on their recent form and their schedule.
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