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Bent...he's Having A Laugh


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Bent sets himself a goal target!!!


like...scoring one maybe.


on last weeks performance he should set himself a passing target before he tries to score.  what about controlling a ball?


Bent talks shite


HE is having a laugh - at our expense -the guy is lazy and he is shit.


as far as controlling the ball goes - that is the only thing that he can actually do - the trouble is, he will one touch control the end of a long goal kick - hold it up well, knock it on to Bt (or other player) and then stand still - because he is too lazy to continue running and support the move he created. He is lazy and his heart is obviously not in it - which is why he has had 13 clubs (or whatever it is these days) - he gets bored if he is at one place for too long. A move to another club would be beneficial for us and him!


Shite, Shite and more Shite - which is disappointing because he is NOT actually a shit player - he chooses to be!

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I cant see what other people see about him being able to control a football, as far as i can see controling the ball is proberbly one of his worst attributes. He can trap the ball quite well but its the next touch after that that realy lets him down weather it be a turn, pass or shot.


The truth is i have never liked Marcus Bent but as i have told you all before i dont get on peoples back because i believe it to be counter productive towards the teams overall performance. The time however has most definatly come so i will state my feelings on this for everyone to see.


Fu*k off Marcus Bent, you are shite, you have always been shite and in line with many other ex Everton forwards you can always hang on to the fact that when we finaly see sense and get rid of you you will get a goal on your return. Stop embarasing yourself and dragging our club down with you, you fu*king lazy wa*ker!!


Sorry in advance for any offence i cause my fellow Toffe Talkers but enough is enough <_<

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It's sad to see what has happened to him because last year he was good for us. Alright he wasn't great in front of goal but he led the well and was a threat. However this year he seems to have lost the motivation and desire to work hard. If pulling that Blue shirt on a a saturday does nothing for you then i'm afraid its time to move on. I think Bent has good ability and has the talent to be an important member of the squad but if he can't be arsed then Moysie can show him the door.

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Bent was talking crap to the media.


He can't score goals on one to one situation, can't control the ball and pass it well when it is necessary, do not have the passion to work hard when come on the pitch, feels frustrated by the balls passed to him cos he can't run off defenders.


Bent no more... sold him to League One club. maybe he can perform there.... :)

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As a lot of you have already stated above - It is a shame because he was fantastic for us last season, maybe his head has dropped - he is not starting anymore, he is only a bit part player. We should ship him out in the transfer window and get a couple of new strikers in, looks like Big Dunc is finished to.

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