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Its All Gone Wrong!


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Completely non football related but i finish work at 2 on a friday afternoon :D


Lucky boy u may all think but not today cos i cant find my car key! I had it at 12.45 when i got back from the shop but now its gone. Had to phone mummy to come get me so i can get my spare key from home then trek all the way back to work and pick up me car.


Lifes a bitch sum times <_<

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Thank you all for ur concern, thought i would update u on the situation :D


Jibbed the car on Friday an went on the piss when i got in which ment a £13 taxi to work on Saturday morning with my spare keys. 3 hours work later an a naughty hangover making my head throb i decided it was time for another pint an watch my beloved blues spank Bolton!!!!


Home i went parking up my car and meeting the lads for a few prior to the game (we all know what happened next) so i went out after the game and drank my self silly. So much so i was cheering Shayne winning the X-Factor on the big screen in the pub several hours later!


So back up for work at seven with an even fatter head than Saturday and in for a 9 hour day (overtimes great but 4 weeks of 9 hour days does no one any good)! 4:30 on Sunday i opened one of my files for some information an there sitting proudly was my fooking keys.


Fantastic i thought, that saved me a few quid getting a spare cut :D


Then i had the horrible thought that on Friday while looking for my keys i came to the conclusion that the only thing that cud have happened was that while clearing my desk i had thrown my key in the bin. After half an our of looking around the office i thought fuck it and went to have a look in the wheely bin. Wheely bin on its side and shirt and tie clad engineer crawling around inside I saw a couple of flashes. Turning to find my boss with the digital camera hapily snapping away at my misfortune, c**t!


The moral of the story (I think) is when u have a spare dont make a tit of yourself looking, it will always turn up!!



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