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Redevelop Goodison?


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One of the problems with redeveloping Goodison, and this might sound stupid. Is the detrimental effect on the pitch.

When you build the stands upwards it blocks sunlight entering the ground fully and the grass on the pitch can no longer grow properlly and the pitch will die off quicker. we would then have to relay pitches about 4 times every year- which would be very costly.


see what has happened at stamford bridge- they developed their stands upwards and now they constantly have to relay pitches because they die quicker.


its a very small point but it needs to be considered- can we really afford to pay for the relaying of pitches all the time?


saying that though i would love the chance to stay at Goodison, but most of all i would love the chance to stay in liverpool rather than move to the outskirts.

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Imagin tho the shite in a 80,000 lifeless bowl and us in a old trafford type re-development with towering stands over terrace streets & all our history in tact!


I would love to be sitting in a redeveloped Goodison in a few years time watching the foreign legions paying their yearly visit over to the McDonalds Arena on the park.

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Thats the point StevO with BK moving aside & letting the money men come in now rather than later we could stay at Goodison & in Liverpool!


Imagine moving to the Tesco Arena and then BK selling up, we could have a new owner within a few years and who's to say that new man wouldnt have understood the history and opted for a redevelopment with his cash rather than a supermarket funded out of town development?


Lets face it although its a decent opportunity Tesco are only doing this so they can get a superstore next to the motorway and start to rival Asda on the outskirts of the city!

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Steve said........"the benefit of kirkby is that someone else will pay for it. who will pay to redevelop Goodison?"




The fookin council, along with other investors should pay, EFC should do fook all and just sit it out where we are until the council have to refurbish, or they pull it down and pay for us to move elsewhere.

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