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Hi Everyone


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Just thought I'd introduce myself..I'm actually an American (Tim Howard supporter :D ) that has just recently started following Premiership football/Everton. This weekend I'm actually headed to watch Everton vs Arsenal so I've been trying to find out more about the club and what not before I go :)


Also if anyone has any suggestions for sightseeing or pubs to go to (Would there be any specials like there is in the States at select bars on St. Patrick's Day?) please let me know! So far I only have planned the game and the tour of the stadium.

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Welcome mate,


Not bad, decides to support Everton and soon after has a trip planned to watch them, is this the American millionnaire to take us over? :P


No, I do not have millions.. :P I am in Paris studying Business and am taking advantage of England being so close.


I have only been really following it at the start of this year. ESPN's Premiership Fantasy League (Doing quite well actually..150th or so and in the 99.5% percentile) got me hooked, although I did play "soccer" for 13 years back home in the US.


Does anyone have any advice on the easiest way to get to the stadium(Taxi?)? I will be staying about 7 km away (a bit too far to just walk it) and I don't know if game traffic is that of the events in the United States.


Also, on Saturday will there be St. Patrick's Day events? In the US they celebrate it (don't ask why) with 25 cent Beers and lots of parties at the Bars.


Thank you all for your hospitality.

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