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on a free i would have him back as cover as isnt pistone off in the summer?


also bally covered at CB and did rather well and on a free i'd have a punt it might even free up some cash for other additions instead of bringin in another CB and spendin cash


I hope pistone is off in the summer, fook sake, hes only injured becasue his sides keep splitting at being offered a new contract


Wouldnt really want another walking wounded, but do like ball, its a toughy. Dont think we will be swimming in money so any wheeling and dealing we can do is all the better


He did look good for city

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leighton baines all the way, if we could afford him is another matter. but left back has been a constant problem for us, we may as well try and get someone young and decent who can solve the prblme long term. rather than buy another injury prone player who isn't going to set the world alight exactley. he may have looked good for man city over the three games he's played, but in all fairness its not hard to look good in a city shirt this year with all the shite around you. You would only have to put a half decent performance in and people would think you were brilliant just by contrast.


he may be free but we'd still have to pay his wages and i dont want to pay some tobe injured all the time, we have enough players like that as it is. Pistone, naysmith, vdm, hibbert... all these seem to pick up knocks very easy.


we need to build for the future, not pick up bits from the past.

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i like hibbert, but you cannot deny that he is injury prone. I didn;t say i wanted to get rid of him or said anything about his ability. in fact i really rate him. but try and deny that he is injury prone- especially this season. think he's played 6 games. hardly say thats being unfair on him!


hes had a couple of injuries this season, apart from this season i cant think of any other injuries since he broke into the first team. id hardly call him injury prone

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