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The Plural Of Twix


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Can anyone here say for sure what the plural of twix is. I say the plural of twix is still twix i.e. "I have many twix." However my housemate reckons that it should be twixes. I say this is wrong because if you have a single finger twix you have a twix but if you have a dual finger twix it is still a twix. My housemate claims that dual finger twix are called twix because twix is derived from twin. If you are using this logic this would make a single finger twix a twi.... or something. What do you reckon?


P.S. I realise that this is a pretty inane topic but I have work to do and thinking about this is distracting me.

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I am "lucky" enough to have had a classical education. Prescot Grammar School for Boys, there is no plural of between, it is like saying what is he plural of many. Twix, is between, no silliness. Now go and enjoy your chocolate bars.





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Yeah but Twix isn't using the word in the sense that it means between you are not essentially saying I am going to the shop to buy a 'between' the actual meaning of the word is irrelevant. It's like when you buy a mars bar you are not saying I am going to buy a bar made from a small red planet.


Twixi could still be a possibility or even Twixen :)

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