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Joey Barton

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I couldn't hope to make the point as well as you, but do agree completely.


Joey Barton is a damn good footballer, who would undoubtedly improve our team and his will to win would drive us onwards as a club.


However, sometimes principles have to be applied and retained. Joey Barton gives our fine city a bad name with his antics and as such do we really want to give someone like this £40k a week or whatever the rate is?

Personally I would rather we keep some principles and get a different player.

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You don't say much Phil, but when you do it's worth listening to. My objections are based on a desire to have players our younger fans can aspire to, not drunken oafs who appear to have more money than sense, which with most of them is not hard.


I would like to be able to express myself with a little more tact, but bollocks to that.





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Manny Fernandes proved how good he was today, not for a long time have I seen such flair from someone in a blue shirt, maybe we got a bit with Arteta but this kid takes it to a new level, very impressed.


What it comes down to is the cost? Reading this pages, I have seen £6m,£10m and £12m price tags being touted around.


If the choice was a £5.5m Joey Barton or a £12m Fernandes, Barton would be my choice.


No doubting either of the two players ability, but they are two very different players.

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Maybe we can't have him though, I would rather we got Manny but if it's not possible then I'd happily take Barton
I agree. There is no way we can afford to have Arteta, Barton and Fernandes. Too much money to have all three. I want to obviously keep Arteta and find a way to sign Fernandes but if that doesn't work why not go after Barton. He is still very young and really the only attacking player on city that has been good all year, which I guess isn't saying much. If he can control his behavior he would be great at Everton. Who knows maybe Everton will surprise us all and find a way to get all three.
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In mid to late January when we were trying to get Fernandes I wrote about how good and how important a player he could be for us. Yes, we need to add to the squad, but as I see it, lets spend what money we have got on quality - pull out all the stops to get Fernandes and play him with Cahill and Arteta and 1 or 2 other midfielders and we have a midfield as good as ANYTHING in the Premiership. Get that UEFA Cup spot, qualify for the group stages this time and we are entitled to have players of his quality. If we don't you couldn't blame him for going where he can get euro football.

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