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Yorkshire Press Journalist Despises Liverpool (city)


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Liverpool – why do we need it?

By Mike Bentley


I'VE NEVER had much time for Liverpool and its inhabitants.


I'm tired of their forced jocularity and their braying celebrities, all of whom flee to leafy Surrey as soon as the bank account permits. I'm tired of their whining grief addiction and their interminable minute's silences (if, indeed, a minute's silence can be interminable).


I'm sick to the back teeth of their self-righteous football fans demanding "Justice for the 96" when any sane person would ask: "What about Justice for the 39?", namely the dead Italians of the Heysel Stadium disaster (And what is this "justice" they demand anyway? Kelvin MacKenzie's head on a stake?).


I was therefore unimpressed when the place was awarded Capital of Culture status for 2008. Oh joy - a Beatles theme park, Jimmy Tarbuck's stand-up act projected on to the Liver building, and that thin, bespectacled bloke from the Scaffold reciting bad poetry in front of a tracksuit-clad audience.


That'll impress the Europeans.


It comes as no surprise then to read that they're already managing to cock the whole thing up. Plans for a new £65million Museum of Liverpool have hit the rocks after the uber-trendy, weird-bearded curators decided that as well as a pair of Roman sandals, the first Ford Anglia built at Halewood, one of the world's oldest locomotives and Yoko Ono's All You Need Is Love counterpane from the Montreal peace bed-in, the museum will also "celebrate" the dark side of Liverpool life. And dark it is.



The poverty, the slave trade, here we go again bloody Hillsborough, the racist murder of Anthony Walker and the appalling saga of the Jamie Bulger case. All suitable entertainment for Japanese tourists, I'm sure you'll agree.


Unfortunately none of the black polo neck-clad Guardianistas bothered to mention this to Jamie Bulger's mum, Denise Fergus. They obviously take the view that such public hand-wringing is a cathartic condemnation of the Thatcher Years (even though she'd gone three years previously) and is there for all Lefties to use and abuse as it fits their political agenda.


We'll leave the final word to her: "I am boiling with rage. What kind of callous people would think of doing this in the name of art and culture? They must be mad if they think I am going to stand by and watch them do this to the memory of my precious son."


And you can't say fairer than that.





Does he have a point? I keep banging on about this but I think that Newcastle deserved European Capital of Culutre more than Liverpool who need it more to keep up with Jones's.

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Lets face it mate... Liverpool Supporters just love making a bad name for Liverpool the City itself. Sorry I have to that they are. James Bulger incident & Anthony Walker deaths I agree with but as I wud not be mentioning it all the time as Liverpool supports do. Has for the Heysel & Hillsborough tragedy yeah was bad. But can u see me friggen going on abar it.


If it happened @ Goodison aka Hillsborough can u really see Liverpool supporters whining?


well I have had my say anywayz.

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fucking journos of this country. wish theyd all die


Bit harsh :(



What annoys me is that its obvious he hasn't done the neccessary research for such an article. Another thing is that it was obviously written for a certain agenda, of which I can't tell you. He talks utter crap throughout the article giving no reason why he feels that way. The only thing I agreed about was the Bulger bit.


Just a real bad bit of journalism on his part. Out of interest where was that taken from?

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rather live here (EDIT: i know i live in skem but i lived in liverpool for 16 years) than manchester, birmingham or london, all you hear these days is "another 3 knife victiums" yer we get it here but were not constinally on the news with reports of stabbings.

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Shown that to my tutor at uni who has worked throughout Yorkshire Newspapers like Yorkshire Evening Post. She told me to write a counter arguement for it, in my usual dry humour (tbh didn't think my humour was dry :( ) and she'll have a look at it and look into it getting published.


Just a bit worried now as added pressure.


Louis do you know if it was actually in the paper or just on the website?

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it was on the webiste, I couldn't tell you if it was in the paper or not:





Zed, the reasons that I think Newcastle deserved it more:

  • I liked the way that the city centre's design merges the new buildings and the old buildings very well.
  • The view on the riverfront at night was stunning and full of pubs :)
  • The rail stations there took you everywhere there was on every corner of the town centre. It was ideal for us as my stepdad couldn't walk very far, in Liverpool you have James Street at one end , Lime Street and Central Station practically next to each other and Moorefields in the business district. Not very convenient.
  • People go on about the trafford centre being good where you can x brand for cheap, the metrocenter is much better as it is was both yuppy with the upmarket brands (Calvin Klein, G-Star etc.) and also had some of the 'working class' stores, poundland and sports soccer.
  • My favourite place was the gate (similar to the Fact except it feels less arty/snooty) - It had a cinema, four bars and two restaurants inside it.
  • It is a lot cleaner than liverpool (no chewing gum on the walls etc in the city centre), although this could be because eldon square had just had a renovation.
  • This is a strange one - When people were queuing for a bus they actually did so in single file, in birkenhead and in liverpool its everyman for himself. Because of what I'm used to here when i caught a bus to the metrocenter it looked surreal to me that people actually wait in single file.
  • The centre-for life museum was great
  • There were no hooded gangs/scallies anywhere
  • Everything in newcastle looks modern even though there are buildings, statues or roads that have been there for hundreds of years. Think of St. Georges hall when it was cleaned up by mowlem... every building is like that.
  • Also sorry to say this but St. James Park was world class which to many people is the heartbeat of the city. It has a train station underneath the stadium (in the station they had a legends walk with all their famous players having their own tiles on the wall - Keegan and Shearer are the only ones I can remember seeing and on platform the walls are black and white stripes to mirror the newcastle home kit), it has a pub inside the stadium called Shearer's bar.

It was also quite good because of the random statues around the city centre, think Lambanana but less comical and more 'classy'. One that stands out in my mind is as you come out of the train station there are 3 statues, one is standing normally, one is standing horiztonally and one is sitting down. I'll find a photo of it and put it up here.

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This isnt a constructive argument, its based on things in the past, i mean Jimmy tarbuck who is he? i'm 18 and although i've heard his name a few times he's at least one generation before me so him as representation for capital of culture would be farcical. And he there is the old classic of we're all wearing tracksuits, now correct me if i'm wrong but no-one of this forum wear's lacoste finest do they?



And one question, Why the fuck is someone from Yorkshire writing About us?

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Exactly, it isn't constructive, it doesn't even have a point to make but instead its just some reporter who is trying to be clever and go on a rant about Liverpool.


I for the life of me can't see how that is journalism, its like something anyone could have written on a blog which is why its so out of order for a journalist to stoop so low.

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