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4 Wins And A Draw For 6th?


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Right, I know I'm sad but I think of Everton in any spare moment I get (like most of you I'm sure!).


At 37, I've followed the Blues for 27 of those. In the world of Premiership football we all know it's very hard to break into the "big 4" without investment. We did it briefly the other season and missed a chance.


I honestly believe we're on thebrink of another chance. Get UEFA Cup football and I honestly think we're geared up to start to challenge. It would allow us to keep the core of the squad together (a side based around Howard, Lescott, Yobo, Neville, Arteta, Cahill, AJ and if we dare dream it, Fernandes, is a good side supported by squad players like Osman, Hibbert, Anichebe) and to build on it by attracting 3 or 4 quality additions.


So, the point of my mail? I have checked the final Prem tables of the past 4 seasons to see how many points it takes to finish 5th, 6th or 7th. It's hard to be scientific but the average points tally for the past 4 seasons has been 60 points (5th), 59 (6th) and 56 (7th).

Lets not rely on 7th (which needs a United - Chelsea Cup Final), mens we need something like 59 points. That is 13 more points from now - 4 wins & a draw. Home wins against Fulham, Charlton and Portsmouth are a must. After that it's try to pin a tail on the donkey - maybe getting something at Villa and West Ham.


4 wins will probably be enough, anything less and we may miss out.


We must grasp this moment. COYB

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I posted a couple of weeks ago - that expect I expect 10 wins fron the last 10 games (tounge in cheek mind you). My prediction was thawrted straight away when we drew with Sheff Utd.


However, there is a confidence about the team - and if we can get a win away to Villa in our next game (which is what the team should be going for against them, and very do-able against Villa) that would set us up nicely for the easter period.


I am confident that we can pick up at least 4 wins in the last 8 games, given the way the team is playing, and I am sure Moyes and the rest of the squad have their eyes very much on 5th spot.


A good flurish at the end of this season, will also go a long way to turning the heads of potential transfer targets, toward the very much more 'fashionable' Everton team.


Also having seen a few investers coming in to the Premiership this season, surly Everton, must now be at or near the top of the list of clubs worth investing in.


Next season could be very interesting if we can have a decent flourish to the end of this.

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i think that this next game against villa is a very very important one. Its one that we have the ability to win, but very often loose.

A win against villa would really raise the confidence, first back to back wins since august or something silly like that. and if spurs and reading drew then we start to build a gap between us and the other contenders


however if we loose this game then it will really be a knock to our european push. and would be very typical of us, good performance and result against a big team and then a silly result against someone who we really should pick up points against.

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Ruffrob said............ ""I posted a couple of weeks ago - that I expect 10 wins fron the last 10 games.""





And i posted that we could get 4 wins 3 draws and 3 losses, and i'm sticking to that. 15 points from last 10 games and it might just be enough. :)


So far we've got 1 draw and 1 win, so its getting easier, just need 3 wins and 2 draws out the last eight. but seeing as 2 of those games are against Chelsea and Man utd, make that 3 wins and 2 draws out of six, another is against Bolton away, so that one is the crucial game as far as i'm concerned.


On second thoughts its not getting any easier is it. :) Make that 3 wins and 2 draws out of 5. its getting Harder. :(

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The Villa game's got 0-0 written all over it. They've got the 6th best home defensive record in the league right after us and neither team are scoring a lot.


With regards to challenging the top four, I don't think that's realistic. Bearing in mind most of the sky money has already been spent on bringing in this years players and Kenwright hasn't got a pot to piss in. Chelsea, shite, mancs and arsenal will all be spending big in the transfer window you can guarantee that and also that we wont. We still have one of the smallest squads in the Premiership and the UEFA cup games will push us to the limit consolidating this years position never mind trying to break into a Champions League place.

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watchin spurs vs. reading. decent match so far, thought i would mention this as both teams are in the hunt for 6th, hope reading win / both draw as spurs are closer to us than reading. not sure how far reading are behind us, thats why i said / draw.

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Spurs are back into 6th place now. A win tomorrow is imperative now so we can re-claim 6th.

Hopeful for that but the pessimist in me thinks Spurs will finish above us anyway. If however 7th takes us into Europe (automatically or via Inter Toto) then Spurs winning today probably isn't a bad thing as it gives us a bit of breathing space on Reading.

Spurs are away at Chelsea next Saturday so hopefully a win against Fulham will put us back in 6th even if we fcuk up tomorrow.


Pity about Bolton winning yesterday cos they were on the slide and deffo catchable.



5th by 10pm GOOD Friday??

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I can see us and spurs overtaking Bolton, spurs have really hit form at the end of the season as have we to a lesser extent


If we win tonight and against fulham we will be flying, we need to do this as we have some hard games at the end of the season


And we've got a REAL 6 pointer against bolton on bank hol monday


Lets not let ourselves down tonight


In short, I can see spur keeping up their momentum, they have such a strong/quality squad and attacking options and they will finish 5th with us just behing



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if we play the style of play against arsenal we can easily win against villa.


I think the same thing and I hope now that EFC have built our hopes up, we are not brought back to down earth with a thud (which EFC seem to have a habit of doing every now and then). We really should beat Villa though.

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