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Richard Wright


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Well he has played 3 first team games this season in the league and conceeded 7 goals


4 Bolton

2 West Ham

1 Man U


The worrying thing is every game he has let in double the amount of the previous game which means come Villa he is due to let in 8 and 16 against the RS :lol:

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yeah i wasn't posting this thread as an attack on wright - my point was gonna be that he's conceded so many goals in very few games, BUT i can't remember him being at fault for much at all when he's been in goal for us. does this point perhaps to a lack of leadership/orgainsational qualities when martyn's not in goal?

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i think its just the defence to be honest mate, there shite at the minute, hibbert has been poor, valente has yet to impress, weir has past it and yobo is feelin a lot of pressure as a result of having to cover grandad. I think the defence needs a change mine would be


ferrari (injured or not?)......per.....yobo.......hibbert


i think thats the best we can put out so why dont we? fuck loyalty to players the only loyalty is Everton football club..we need points and that will be the best way to get them


come on blues, this is beyond a joke :huh:

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Thats it your only loyal to players when your winning we aint so changes are needed I would go


Ferrari      Yobo          Per          Neville ©


not bad on paper


I think that we have to mindful that Martyn let


5 in V the Gypsies of bucharest

4 in V WBA


Thats 9 in two games....


So records dont always tell the true story - the fact is the defence has been completely shite this year - why?


The answer is simple - we have been defending too much - we dont attack enough and allow teams to come at us - so every lapse or concentration, every mistake, every mis tackle costs us dearly. Unfortunately, the style of play can only be attributed to one group of people - the management/coaches.


Somebody wants us to play ultra defensive - and it doesn't work.


There is no point playing 4-4-2 and trying to keep the mindset of the 4-5-1 system.


4-4-2 is a predominately attacking formation, leaving 4 out of 10 players to defend.


Moyes et al. Need to wake up and realise that the team has to attack more.

And stop signing Crocks!

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