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Sheffield United manager Neil Warnock has branded Gareth Southgate "a disgrace" after the Boro boss fielded a weakened line-up in the defeat to Manchester City on Saturday.


Southgate rested striker Mark Viduka and centre-back Jonathan Woodgate for the 2-0 defeat which allowed City to move six points clear of the relegation zone. By contrast, the Blades' 3-0 defeat to Chelsea and Charlton's 2-0 victory over Newcastle left Warnock's side just four points from safety.


"It's a disgrace. I know Gareth's a friend of Stuart Pearce's and they had Manchester United to face," Warnock told Sky Sports News. "But it's scandalous and I would love to see them lose their next six games and see how they feel in the last couple, under that sort of pressure."


He added: "I don't think a club like Boro should disrespect Sheffield United.


"To not have any of those players playing against City, especially with the way they are playing at the moment, leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.


"He's only a young manager but I hope that one day it happens to him and he sees what effect it can have.



"They play West Ham next and Alan Curbishley is another mate of his. He'll probably not bother there, either."


does he have a point? personaly i think he has, but tbh its upto southgate to play who he likes.

warnock is still a legend like lol

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its all about him isnt it!!!

Could it be that he was resting players because he wanted to win against man utd and possibly be the first team to win the fa cup at wembley???


If southgate wants to rest players, then let him. He's not disrespcting Sheff Utd, its just Warnock has a huge ego and thinks everything is about him.


He's just scarred about going down and is looking to blame anyone else but himself.


sour grapes anyone?

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but what if your resting players for a "bigger" game a few days later. I mean they had a game on Saturday and then a game on monday, the players he rested Viduka:- is getting on a bit now and probably wouldnt be able to perform to his best if he played both games. Woodgate:- has been injury prone, but has been a lynchpin to boro this year, so why not rest him before a "bigger" game.

Its only two players, and two players don't "make" a team. And i think that southgate has good reason to rest these two players, especially seeing as they had such a quick turn around in games.


If Boro had fielded a completley "weaker" team and say had rested 5 or 6 of their best players then maybe warnock would be half way to a point. but in this situation, no. Wancok is just trying to place the blame on other people for his clubs plight.


If they concede a penalty warnock claims a dive, if they get a man sent off the ref got it wrong, if the oppostion dont get someone sent off the refs got it in for him, one of the teams also fighting relegation win then another manager "threw" the game as a favour.


Its stupid, its warnock against the world. I think that Warnock has been smoking too much skunk becasue he's clearly paranoid.

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Im just saying the Sheff Utd should stay up on their own merit, not other peoples mistakes, its like we want to get to europe on our own merits (i.e winning our games) and not other peoples mistakes. (i.e hoping teams like the spuds drop points)


and boro didn't exactley field that weak a team, its not like when arsenal play their entire youth team. nBoro still fielded Schwarzer, Xavier, Pogatez, Paranaby,Taylor Cattermole, Euell Boateng, Downing, Yakubu, Lee... and Viduka came on as a sub.


Boro lost a game with, arguably, only one key player (woodgate) not featuring, and its come out in the press today that he has been suffering with a problem with his knee for awhile but has been playing through it.


Dont think Warnock has a leg to stand on, Boro lost, Man City Won. Get over it.

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its a squad game nowadaysa and Southgate was using his squad, thats what its there for. He can pick which ever players he likes for which ever game he likes. Shut up Warnock, I think the man is alright, quite funny, but this time he is wrong

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All he meant was that managers should consider the fact that their decisions could adversly affect other teams



And any manager will tell you and Neil Warnock to mind their own business. Its neil warnocks job to manage Sheffield and garath southgates job to manage Boro and hell not be arsed about any other fucking teams position in the league

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