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Rafel Beneathmyass' Idea.....

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Folks read this links in sequence.....


1) http://www.caughtoffside.com/benitez-wants...-big-clubs.html


Now read this....


2) http://www.caughtoffside.com/benitezs-idea...nded-awful.html


And Finally read this again, but scroll down for comments....


3) http://www.caughtoffside.com/benitez-wants...tml#postcomment


And finally, what you think of that stupid glory hole's idea?

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makes for an interesting read, thoough there are alot of idiots posting messages on that board.

Personally i would never want B teams to be allowed to play in any of the english leagues. its a juge disrepect to the other teams.

and what happens if a B team gets promoted above the A team?

this actually happend in spain a few years back, i think it was Malaga. Malaga B won their leaugue "equivilant of Championship" and Malaga A got relegated from La Liga that year. Normally, if these were proper teams, Malaga A would be playing in the lower league and Malaga B would be promoted. But what actually happend is that both teams were relegated. Rules stated at the time said that a B team couldnt play in the same league or above their parent club. So Malaga B's prize for winning the leauge that year? relegation.


what a crock of bollocks. benitez's can stick his ideas up his pompous ass. prick.

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