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What's The Most Expensive Thing You've Bought On Ebay?


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Digital video camera for about £160 but I sold a pair of amps for £750 odd. Bloke drove down from London and paid me cash in MacDonalds car park :P . Done about forty deals in total but the best one was an old bed of Joshua's that sold for £25...the woman pissed about and didn't collect so I re-listed and got £75 :D .

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I bought an original nintendo DS for about £75 from Ebay, was quite happy till I noticed it had about 3 dead pixels on it. Put up with it for about 6 months then sold it for about £65 on Ebay was then able to put an extra £35 to it and get a brand new DS Lite. Was pretty happy considering I was able to sell it for only a £5 loss after about 6 months. Also dead pixels are really really annoying if anyone is thinking about buying a monitor online find out what their policy is regarding dead pixels. Some companys say you need about 5 or something for it to be considered faulty, if I had just spent £300 on a monitor I wouldn't be happy with that. SAY NO TO DEAD PIXELS :angry:


Sorry, this has turned into a rant about dead pixels but yeah most expensive thing I have bought a DS that I sold again 6 months later :)

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£6.99 for an old film from my youth that I couldn't get any where else. In fact I have done that 2 times and the only times I have used it.


By the way the films were No Retreat no Surrender (later to come out on DVD) and a film called the Wizard (with Fred Savage) Great films

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