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A recent post by a Villa fan asked us bliues the following question in another thread "Which team of the following teams are more likeable? Aston Villa, birmingham City or West Bromwich Albion?".


Which in my current state of boredom got me thinking; Is there a particular team that us as Evertonians find "more likeable" than any other. Obviously opinions will differ from person to person BUT there may be a particular team that generates more respect. Who would it be?

The above Villa question, had everyone saying VILLA were more likeable (but what a choice).


ANYWAY, heres my two bobs worth: Without trawling down the lower leagues where there are a few teams that (for no apparent reason) I have a soft spot for eg Aldershot / Chester. Out of the bigger clubs I have always had respect for ARSENAL, probably because Everton v Arsenal was the first game the arl fella took me to (and we beat them). I also seem to remember a Brian Talbot goal knocking the RS out of some cup competition back in late 70's or early 80's.


(PLEASE NOTE; I'm talking about respect only. In no way am I suggesting that I have a second club. I support ONE club only- EVERTON. Anyone who has a "second club" is a bit of a wanker in my book.)


(Bit of an Inane question, I know. BUT I am bored. Humour me).

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I dont realy have a fave team but at different times I respect different teams.


This season I have liked the way both Sheffield United & Reading have approached the premier league.


A few seasons ago I think it was hard not to have total respect for the football Arsenal were producing.


Back in the Keegan days I loved the way the skunks just went for the jugular


Over the past 10 years it's also been hard not to watch Manure especially in Europe without a degree of respect for what they're all about!


Having said that I only ever pay any interest to other teams results if I have cash on it or I'm in the pub when a good game is playing on the screen!

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In recent times you have to respect the way that arsenal play, however they are so arrogent it puts you off.

I have always admired chelsea (this is before they had money though) I used to love watching Zola and Vialli. They had some brilliant players, so that is the team i probably used to respect the most. But the money has put me off slightly.


This season i quite like charlton, don't know why. think its becasue i like pardew. i have wanted them to do well since West Ham fucked him off and he went to them. (i didnt like them under Ian Fat Eyes Dowie though)


But if it is a non prem side, i suppose i like Walsall. My best friend is a fan (he't the twit in the walsall shirt in my photo opposite.... im the twit in the mexico shirt) so ive been to a fair few games, normally look out for their results and im happy when they win. He's the same with everton though and ive dragged him to Goodison a fair few times. We wait with baited breath for the everton walsall fa cup draw

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I like all the local teams Tranmere, Wrexham and Chester ;). My first ever match was a chester city one... Kevin Ratcliffe's side drew 1-1 to Exeter and Uri Gella the soonbender was there. For some reason I also like Preston - I think it's because they are a founder league member and have the football museum there.

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What are Fulham doing for U.S. football Joe?


Do you mean because they signed a few of your natives or are they promoting it in USA etc?

Mostly just signing a few of our natives but that has sparked some curiosity for people who are just casual fans of the sport in this country. Although they have only three americans they are all field players which is rare because our country is known for having good goalkeepers. The U.S does have some talented players, not as many as European countries, but there are some. The biggest thing about the states is there is a lot of potential for the sport to grow and to make money. Coleman is by smart tapping into the U.S market. He can gained more exposure for his club plus a lot of U.S players are fairly cheap. That is just my opinion though.
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