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The Grand National


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Well its getting close to the busiest day of the year for horse racing so I thought I would try to highlight the all deals in this thread. Feel free to add more or correct me. I am sure more shall appear as the week goes on. I have put a price of £10 but this can vary depending on deal.


Warning gambling should not be taken likely, if like me, you can have a bit of fun once a year, then why not.




Deals as follows for which you need to go through quidco first. Also pay close attention to the chosen sites terms and conditions.


Corel: £25 cashback through quidco for each valid unique sign-up (not valid if you have signed up at any of Coral's various sites, such as Eurobet etc). You must deposit and wager at least £10 and qualify for the £10 free bet. Also receive 2% of your first month turnover.


Totesport: £30 quidco cashback for opening a genuine new active account and placing your first bet - Take advantage of our £50 free bet! New customers - simply sign up for a totesport account, place your first bet with a stake between £5 & £50 and we'll credit your account with an equivalent free bet. It's as easy as that!


Betfair: £25 quidco cashback for valid membership and active account. You must deposit and wager at least £10. No offer of a free bet, but they claim this -


Betfair is a betting exchange. This means that our members bet at odds set by each other. The result is more betting options - and better odds. We charge you a commission only if you win.


William Hill: £10 quidco cashback for account set up with a minimum deposit of £5 and upon a bet of at least £5 being placed and the account becoming active. Does not appear to offer free bet!


Paddy Power: £17 quidco cashback for a newly registered genuine account and wager of £10 or more. All new customers!


Place a single bet of £10 or more and get another £10 bet for free!!


UK Bet: £10 quidco cashback for maximum cash back for first stake (for deposit over £10). Free bets


1.Bet £10+ on first bet


>>> Get a £10 FREE bet once the first bet has been settled


2.Bet £10+ five further times


>>> Get a £15 FREE bet after all five bets have been settled


Betfred.com: £15 quidco cashback for a genuine new account opened with a minimum bet of £10. Free bet


All you need to do is place your first bet with Betfred and well give you a free bet to the same value of your own stake, up to £25.


Victor Chandler: £12 quidco cashback for each confirmed genuine new player, if that player bets £20 or more using their VC account. Open account with VC Bet and we will match your first bet stake with a free bet up to a maximum of £50.


Thanks for at15 post 6




Use code FTB125 at the Betfair signup stage and you should get a £25 free bet when you deposit £10. You still get quidco cashback as well this way.



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I hate horses, I had to do a course in the Army to learn to ride, we were Cavelry after all. This race is an abomination, if one horse dies, that surely makes it a redundant race. The fact it is in Liverpool should make it a source of shame for us all.


All horse racing is corrupt, this has been proven time after time and if there was no betting, horse racing would never exist.


It is a big pile of crap, and I hate it.


I will have a tenner on a horse called Suckmeoff.





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L'ami 16s


thats what im goin with ... to win and each way ... might make the win a double with the footy .. anyway am off the bookies to sort it


EDIT: scratch that too much weight, ive been and i bet on Point Barrow ... great chance and ballycassidy as outsider

PB to win, other EW ... thats what i put

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My National fancies, i only ever back on the big race and its such a lottery i just back the ones that are going to get round.


My three for today are previous finishers.



HEDGEHUNTER. Won 2 yrs ago and was 2nd last year.

CLAN ROYAL. 3rd 2 years ago and has got round every time its run.


Thats them, 1st 2nd and 3rd in any order, but you watch the Irish come up with a long shot winner and spoil everyones Day. :D

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Last time I won anything was in 1967 when Foinavon did the biz after the pile-up. I was seven and had picked Red Alligator 'cos I liked the name, dad put on a few bob for me and he came in third...me riding on the arm of the sofa :lol: . Remember to this day my dad gave me a ten shilling note (untold wealth then and one of the first I ever had..that's 50p for you youngsters :P ) and some change a couple of days later. If I remember right he actually won it the next year but for some reason my dad didn't go to the bookies :angry: .

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I don't like telling people my bets before the race as I think its bad luck.


Now its over I had a 2 quid each way on the following...


18/1 - Billyvoddan

33/1 - Idle Talk

33/1 - Slim Pickings


So not a bad day as at least I got my money back :) which I have to go claim back later.

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