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Jnr Footy season starts here in a fortnight & Your looking ( part of the new health kick) @ the new "United Blue Birds" Under 9 coach :) ( My lads team)


Went to local club, they wear Red, Nope. Next Suburb across they wear Green, Yuck. Bit further down the track & we found a side that wears blue n white & would you believe the club song is an adaption of " Grand ARl team" -> Twas meant to be :)

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LOl steve I was thinking of doin an Archie & taking along a baseball bat.


Had 2 sessions now -> went well, Didnt swear, freshly razored the melon so they were scared shiotless anyway of the new Cell Block H looking Coach.


Squad of 13, 7 lads, 6 girls.


Ran them thru a host of drills, the usual -> a cple retards, a cple that need work & a cple of naturals.


Ended last sess with a short game, I didnt want to play the sex card, but the girls were despo to play the boyz.


I relented.


30 min match, loosely reffed by coach, final score... Boyz 0 v 2 Girlz ..LOL....some ego's were seriously dented.


1st match this sat.

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On yestredays showing will need all the luck in the world.


Though, they were the best team in the league & All Boyz. ( Cple of them were fukin GIANTS & VEry VEry Good)


Was our 1 st match.


I am not 2 disheartend as Ive 6 Girls & 4 of my lads have never played the game before & in a country where footy aint the no 1 sport ( no street culture) It really showed.


Would have been worse except my Goalkeeper is Brilliant. ( Lil Nev I calls him ).


As I said to the kids post match, chins up we have lots of work 2 do & " A Game Played Hard But Fair Is Never Lost" :)

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Tiz that time for the Super Coach report. :o


If nothing we are consistent.


This Saturday we played the " CC Chipmunks "


We truely got our Nuts Roasted by aforementioned rodent types.


1st half we were right in it & only 3 down @ the break.


United BlueBirds - 0 v 10 - CC Chipmunks .



Also big Congrats to my Lil Captian Samantha for scoring our opening Goal of the season.


A big clearing right footed side booted slice that flew in to our own net :)


We have Dusted off, & The " Bad News Blue Birds " we will be back 4 more next week.


We Play CFC Leopards next week, God help us as our 1st 2 rodent fluffy type oppositions have put us 2 the sword . :)


Zed Think youll have to come up with a few more inspirational one lines over the next few weeks Pat


I inspirationaly muttered the word Fuck continuosly thru 2nd half this week. ( on the quiet o course)

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I inspirationaly muttered the word Fuck continuosly thru 2nd half this week. ( on the quiet o course)


He He


Oh well, im sure they'll get better, hope their not too downhearted


Get them to watch "The Mighty Ducks" for a bit of inspiration

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I would audibly say "Bad luck son keep ya head up, unlucky, great effort". What would have been rattling round my head may never see him turn up again...So I would keep that 2 my self :)


By the way Weekend Match Report:-




United Bluebirds : 1 v 11 : CFC Leopards

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