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Four In For Beattie?

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With the right partner,and given time Beattie could do well

else where.Has he ever had a really good crack at a partnership

with AJ?......Could he have formed a duo with either Vaughan

or Anichebe?

A couple of the goals he's scored for us were quality,he's a cool

penalty taker and he gives or has just lately when he's come on


If Marcus Bent was worth £2million.....then we should get at least

£3.5million for Beattie.....if we let him go!


What if Nugent can't cut it in the Prem(could happen)and he won't be cheap

will he!An injury or two and we could wish we'd kept him(Beattie)



Only one of those at the moment are proven prem goalscorers,and an

injury to AJ,could prove a disaster...I'd hang on to Beattie,he can score

in the prem.

There's alot more money coming in with the new TV deal....money for

european games(maybe)....and some more mone from the Rooney

deal....Get Nugent.....and Fernandes...and 3 defenders!

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BLUE250 SAID.................................I'd hang on to Beattie, he can score in the prem.




I was a young lad the last time he scored........ Scored two this season, both from Penalty spot. As far as i'm concerned he can go for whatever anybody is prepared to pay, £3 or £4m will be fine.

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Some of the VERY few goals Beattie has scored for us in the prem,

have been excellent goals.Ok so he's probably never going to be

a 20 goal a season player....but who since Sharpy has?

Nugent hasn't scored in the prem yet! and every time Vaughan

and Anichebe take to the pitch the crowd myself included are

willing the lads to do well and score.....unlike Beattie who seems

to have people actually hoping he fails.He can't do what AJ can

do on his own up front!Half of his games thats probably what he was

asked to do.Add injuries and stupid sending off's and his Everton

career never took off.If he's fit the only way to test him is something like

15 starts up front with AJ......But we can't afford the risk can we!

Beattie baiting will continue....Confidence with forwards is probably

more than 50% of their game....when he scores a goal,the hand to

the ear gesture!!.....is that all about"well....shit now am I?"...maybe not!

I'm pretty sure he knows what a large % of fans think!

I wont shed a tear if he leaves.....but I will admit he probably wasn't given

a real crack at the job.How long does a forward get?What if a £6million

Nugent doesn't score in his first say 10 games.Do we adapt a style of play

to suit a new forward.Didn't we aks Beattie to replace the hard working

Bent in the loan role....was that what Beattie was good at?Aj's bloody

great at it,but Beattie needed a partner and partnerships take time.

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Can't say I blame him for not being a fan of his.


Beattie was shit hot at Southampton, and now he is at Everton he puts in piss poor performance after piss poor performance, I think that Nugent will be better even though he is inexperienced in the Premiership, Moyes worked with him at Preston and knows how he plays, he wouldn't bring him in if he didn't think he could manage it.

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Talking of Nugent I've heard that he's actually an Everton player and is only on loan at Preston


Were you wearing your jim-jams when you heard this Mark? Told by a talking horse on his way to Aintree perhaps who also gave you a hot tip for Saturday?

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Don't no what to make of beats......when we were in the champions league around that time he was playing great, unlike now wen he gets the ball the fans are on his back before he has had a chance


he puts the effort it but is a confidence player, and untill he scores he will continuously play shite. he hasn't had the service at Everton. He likes crosses from deep and he wont get that here thats why everyone hates him so much, we hit long balls up to him every time but if we actully played to his strengths and crossed the ball and give him something to attack he would score. I think I know why moyes doesn't have Beattie ahead of Vaughan and even Vic is because he knows we don't have the wingers to play to how BT likes. Our style of play doesnt suit him unlike Vaughan who is playing quality. Im not a big BT hater but if we wer offered 4 million I think we need to take it.

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