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The words of smithe. Do these posts look suspicious to you? Or am I being paranoid. Nine posts and virtually nothing about the Blues :blink:


id rather we had the chance to lose to them! i would have loved to have lost to them if we had won the european cup for the fifth time (as they keep reminding us), whilst they where losing in tokyo we where getting belittled by bolton wanderers 4 - 0, its straight talking im afraid, we can say all we want but the ruth is liverpool are a far better side, im scared fro derby day to be honest.


better team the the shites! mate youre seriously deluded, Liverpool IMO are a far superior team than the toffees!


thats why us blues are called the bitters cos of bellends like you.


reg is a red in disguise! he sits in row 41 in the kop and i know his maaa and daaaa! work it out boys


best team lost, Liverpool are looking very good at the moment, as a blue id be worried because if we play like we have been they will annilate us on the 28th no doubt.

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Well spotted Mike, makes you think a bit does'nt it. :blink:


still, as long as he does'nt turn every thread into an argument or a slanging match, he's doing no harm. IMO he's welcome to put his point across.


No need to come on here in disguise, as long as the behaviour is OK.

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