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Justin Mapp


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Is he any good Joe? Full USA international.. apparently a poor mans Robben?

Wow I am a little surprised but happy :D . I really like Mapp he can give us some speed down the wing. He is a somewhat big guy at 6'1 but he has a lot of pace. He is one of the best U.S talents coming up and is starting to get some action on the national team. A lot of Americans are excited about this guy. I think it will take him a bit to get use to the premiership but he is still young at 22 years old. Good move in my opinion because I don't think he will cost much at all. Dempsey who arguably has the most talent and potential in the U.S only went for 2 million. Like the article said he does very well at crossing the ball, something we could use on the wing. They play on saturday so hopefully i will be able to give it a watch.


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As of now he only has three international matches under his belt but that will change this summer when the U.S play in Copa America and the Gold Cup. I don't think he will make an immediate impact but given some time to adjust to the premiership he could turn out well.

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