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Steve Sidwell

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I heard the MOTD talking about Sidwell being left out of this weeks game because he didnt want to sign a new deal and is out of contract looking around other clubs for a new contract. I wouldnt mind him looks a good player, but is he good enough or not? imo I would take him but id well rather have Fernandes because he is quite similar to Cahill except for his heading of course.


I think central midfield should be our first buy,


Fernandes or Sidwell or Barton - but even though Moyes has been happy with Manny I could see us not getting him in and going for the cheaper options...like Sidwell



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Being fair,Fernadnes was only ever short term,Fair enough hes class and we would all love him but,i look at this two ways:


1)We pay most of our transfer kitty on him and get a great young player that within a few years will value and unless we brake into the top four will leave


2)we dont get manny and go for sidewell,barton and a few other players who could be alot cheaper and not only make our squad bigger but alot more quality to it.


I would be happier with number 2 because the two players everyone seems to want is Manny & Nugent,I am not overlykeen on Nugent because I believe we would have to pay around £6 million for him,which is something I dont totally agree on. So thats £12 Million on two new good players but lets not all throw all our eggs in one basket. We need a good winger,another center mid or 2 and a left back because Valente is far too injury prone and is aging aswell as a new center back as we cant rely on Stubbs as back up. We need a bigger squad for next season if we are to compete in the UEFA,both domestic cups and aswell try and push on in the league.

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dont like & dont rate sidwell. Fooking merc, shown absolutely no loyalty to reading & he aint even their best player. OVERRATED. Get a deal for manny done. IMO


ps... im aloud to have this opinion because i have to watch reading every week because of my misses

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