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7th = Europe!


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5 would be great but would settle for 7th.


We have the hardest run in of the teams fighting for europe.


2 of our last 4 games against Chelsea and the Mancs.


Have to pick up wins against Portmouth and West ham and hope that that will be enough.

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next weekend is huge guys have a look at the fixtures and you will see


Spurs v Arsenal

Bolton v Reading

Villa v Pompey

West Ham v Everton


If we win next weekend we could be in a very strong position by next monday, bolton or reading will drop points spurs or arsenal will drop points and pompey have a very tough away game at villa which i think they will drop points aswell. And dare i say if arsenal lose we could be looking at top 4 provided we beat west ham. West ham have a tough game this wednesday against chelski aswell. here hoping :)

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its great news that 7th gets europe in my house cause my bird is a reading fan, so im hoping they can nick 7th from those stuck up moaning gobshite spurs fans.


& screw the sun i want a nice trip to deepest romania, gotta avoid them spanish teams this time

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The arse are 5 points above us with a game in hand. Think I would rather the Arse beat Spurs.


If Bolton and Reading draw and Portsmouth lose along with Spurs then as long as we beat West ham then we in a very good position.


Got to hope for a draw with Bolton and reading.


Villa played quite well against Middlesboro at the weekend so heres hoping they continue it

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If we finished 5th this season, it is nothing less than what we deserve to be honest -


with the nature of the games in our run in - we have to play possibley both the potential European Cup finalists, in games where anything less than a win is likley to cost tthem the Premiership title (how that puts in in prospective) and go to Upton Park to a West Ham battling for their very lives (who on their day play decent enough football). You would have to say any points pick up in those three games will be very good points.


So lets say we may only be favorites to pick up three points against Portsmouth -


Let say we finish on 57 point come the end of the season, very respectable, but don't think that would be enough for 5th to be honest.


We have to play Portsmouth and they also face Liverpool and Arsenal


Bolton also have Cheslea and West Ham to play away.


Reading and Bolton have to play each other, but other than that, Reading have very winnable games in the run in, fortunately we have 6 pount and goal difference on them.


Think spurs will be our biggest rivals - Winning their game in hand would put them just 2 point behind - and they have a comparatable easy run in.


A win at Upton Park basically becomes a must win game to finish 5th in my opinion.


Now here is a question West Ham play Chelsea on Wednesday - What is the best result for Everton.


West Ham defeat - leave them either deflated for our visit or means a must win to survive game, so even tougher for us.

West Ham win - Gives then momentum for our game - or make the result against us not as critical, and a Chelsea defeat could mean Man U coming to our place can afford a league defeat in a match that has European semi either side.


One thing for sure there are still 5 teams all realistically chasing 3 UEFA places. So even though only 4 games left our season has a lot of drama left in it and our players still have a lot to do.

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Also need to take into account that last year each place higher up the league you finished was worth about £500,000 more prize money. Probably more this year. But I think four points would make us safe for Europe, six points top six, then it's just down to how Notlob finish and what we can get from Manu and Chelski as to who gets fifth.


And Sickboy...Romania? You suffering from selective amnesia mate? Be nice to show them what we can really do but the wound's still a bit fresh for me :( .

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