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Yeah like you said Rob, not everybody's cup of tea but gives 100% every time, and we wouldnt be where we are today if we hadnt had him in the middle of the park. Would like him here next season as cover for midfield.



Noticed this further down the article....


""Meanwhile, Nuno Valente last night stepped up his return to full fitness with a scoring appearance for Everton reserves in their 2-1 defeat against a Bolton Wanderers second string.""


Pity it wasnt PISTONE, that would have pleased Adam.......... Quote for every game 3-1 loss with Pistone scoring for us. :D:D

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if were in uefa next season we need all the squad numbers we can get.


we should offer contracts to cars and stubbs as they are reliable players.


we should offer valente a new contract but we need a left back in the summer


Valente has already taken up the contract extension option on his contract


Keeping Carsley is a must, despite all the typical negative responses he gets when we loose or draw. The fact that he is an ever present this season says it all


Im not suprised if he is the first name on Moyes team sheet

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yes, can only agree with everything said, he has been top class this season and should be rewarded. stubbs should be given one more year, but both should not be first team regualars next season. they should be cover, we should sign better players so it forces them out the team.

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Will it all boil down to money?......He's getting towards the end of his playing

days!I wonder if a two year contract would make his mind up.Comes across

as a loyal man both to his family and this club....the sort of people this game

could do with a few more of.


If he left us for a three year contract with the likes of Birmingham or Stoke,

over a one year deal hear you could hardly blame him.


Any way I'd hate to travel an hour and a half each way every day to do

something I love......and only take home £10,000 a week!!


Funny old game......int it!

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Extending his contract for another year is not a bad move at all. He isn't going to cost much and he is very durable and reliable. You know what you are getting with Cars on the pitch. You would think he would want to sign with the club for another year if we make Europe.

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