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Can anyone tell me just what the clucking bell is happening at our club? have we employed someone to go around hurting players for some reason?


On top of our usual list of Doctors favorites, it now looks like we may be (I stress may be) without Cahill, Beattie, Yobo, and Bent!


add them to Ferrari, Pistone, Vaughan, Naysmith, Carsley, Fergie, V.D.M, Martyn, and god knows who else, and we have serious problems.


Is it a problem with fitness? poor training? or just bad luck? I wish someone could give me an answer.

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Guest fozzie22
Mixture of a few things I expect.


We had a lot of good luck last season with injuries and this season we have not.


I expect that not all of them will be out for the villa game

Hope not,we'll be playing the tealady if they are

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It must be the training, it cant be a coincidence that so many are fucked at the same time too. In fact if you look at any club they all have a lengthy injury list.

If you ask me the players are asked to compete as athletes in a an

athletes schedule but dont get trained or treat themselves as proffessional athletes.

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