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Joey Yobo


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Since Joey signed his new contract last summer, he seems to be forgotten with lescott having a greta season and stubbsy finding some form. This coming despite him staarting just about every game this season. How has his season actually been as I believe we would be screwed if we didnt have him in the team??

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A lot of the time people talked about Yobo..well during the last couple of

seasons,was to highlight a mistake or two.He did make one or two high

profile mistakes....and many myself not included wanted to talk about these

rather than the excellent defender he is.So I guess Yobo's more than happy

at the moment he's not the topic of conversation.

When the incredeble Lescott is allowed to move in full time to his position

in central defence,then what a partnership he and Yobo will make.With

Hibbert back to his best and a'fit' left back plus a great goalkeeper in Howard

then surely that will be some defence.

And I believe with some class players around Yobo,maybe Fernandes in front

of him,then I think we will see an even better Yobo!!


You watch luckypool,with poor old Hypia on his last legs,and with all those

dollars.....looking across the park at our central defenders....and realising that

there are some things money just cant buy!


They might end up spending a fortune and getting a Kroldrup!!!.....That would

be a shame.

Yobo and Lescott........PRICELESS!!!

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I think he's awesome, he's fast, strong, solid tackling, powerful heading, he's got it all. Well maybe he aint got the best concentration which is a possible reason to some mistakes but I think with Lescott by the side of him Lescott will be able to keep joey in order.

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about cars. hes had an ok season. there was a period of about 5 or 6 games where he was complete shite however he took a turn for the better and put in some great performances.


however cars has been talked quite a bit on this board this season. yobocop hasnt.


he and lescott will be ace next season with a good left back and hibbo next to em. and with howard in goal man im excited. a great defense.

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yobo is a great defender, he has made some mistakes but im sure i could name alot of players that have 2.. with him and lescott in the back we are strong we just need a good left back


Joey Yobo is prone to the odd mistake but have you noticed that he makes fewer when Alan Stubbs is alongside him , ? Stubbsy is always down his ear , making sure he does get shut of the ball , and " yobocops " pace can cover for Stubbsy , I think that's why our defence has been outstanding this season , most goals to have beaten us have been long range potential ' goals of the season ' eg Taylor , portsmouth ... drohba lampard .. chelski , jenas ...spurs , ... yeah our defence will be even better next season , so with decent signings , a bit of luck with injuries and proper refs , who knows ?

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Precisely Jart, Yobo needs someone to lead him and keep him in order and we all know Stubbsy is the best of em to keep a playin in line, but I do think Lescott could do the job as well so think our defence is looking good as long as we get a decent left back in the line up.

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