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It has come to the time of season whenst one must publicly announce,

That in view of the next 3 matches & final league standings ->

I am from here on end Whole Heartedly SHIOTIN IT......!!!




Everton and Arse Wobblers go hand in hand. How important is that Portsmouth game now????????? A win v them should see Europe next season but we'd still need to see a couple of other results go our way. Hopefully we can get something out of Man Utd and Chelsea. Lose all 3 and it is possible we could finish as low as 8th (9th even) NOW that would be a travesty.

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Maghull said.... Lose all 3 and it is possible we could finish as low as 8th (9th even) NOW that would be a travesty




Have you peeps thought that if we dont get a Europe finish, it might be because we are not ready, or not equipped for it. (Remember our previous embarrassing sortie into europe )


If at the start of the season i was offerered a top ten place with just a Chance of sneaking into europe, i and probs a lot of others would have settled for that.


We dont want to embarrass ourselves again, in fact another disastrous visit to europe would do the club more damage than good imo, lets just rejoice in a good sesason with no worries about relegation.


If we get there all well and good, if we dont its still been a pretty good season.

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Portsmouth is the key game, no question. Hopefully that'll mean we can play without fear against Manure, nobody expects us to get anything from it so we just might. Don't care how big Manu are, the pressure is mounting on them big time!


And am I the only one not embarrassed by the last Euro campaign? Forty-five minutes certainly we fell apart completely but for three and a half games we did ourselves proud...and if it wasn't for the cheating bald Italian bastard things may have been very different.


I'll be very disappointed if we don't make it, even though the pressure of all the extra games in the UEFA group stages on a small squad could make things difficult for us. We need more bodies if we do qualify.

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As well as the Portsmouth game, I also think the Man U game is winnable.


United have two massive CL games either side of our game, they are missing a few players with injuries, Ferguson is also bound to leave a few star players out.


Becasue Chelsea didn't close the gap this weekend, also goes in our favor. Man U can afford to lose a leauge game, and still have the Premiership in there own hands.


Chelsea have to play Man U, Arsenal, Us and Bolton in the Prem run in, and Liverpool in two CL semi games. So basically all there games are agaist teams in the top 6. I think they will drop Prem points, and I think Fergy will think the same. At the very worst if Man U lose at Goodison, and Chelsea don't drop points against other teams. Man U still would only need a draw when the play Chelsea in the Prem, so it would all still be in their hands.


Playing at home, Man U's CL schedule this week and the fact a few players are out injured, the fact Man U can afford to drop a few point to us, the fact our team are always up for a Man U game, and we are looking to bounce back from a defeat - all say to me that this is very much a winnable game.


I realistically think 4-6 points are available from our last three games.


Come on you blues!!!

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Rob, If you think Man utd are not bothered if they drop points to us or not, you need your brains sorted, they will want to win, and win well, and if for one minute you think he will rest players you are also Deluded, he tried that at Middleboro and came unstuck, he wont make the same mistake again. I fear for us this weekend.

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I don't think I am deluded at all - Its no coincidence that Man U are more likley to drop points before a CL league tie. Middlesbrough and Portsmouth will vouch for thats in the last few week, and so will a number of other teams of the years.


I am no saying that Man U don't want to win the game, of cause they do - But they will consider AC Milan a much tougher prospect that Everton. The AC Milan games will take president for Fergy, as that is winner goes to the final knockout football.


Man U can afford to drop points on Saturday and still have winning the Prem within their control - If they lose to AC Milan over two legs, that a huge chance of winning the CL missed. Over the next 10 days our game is not going to be Man U priority.


If he has any player at risk next weeks for the decider in Milan, mark my words they will only be the bench on Saturday, and only brought on in the second half if thinks aren't going to plan.


What I am saying is probabley one of the best time to play United all season will be this Saturday, becasue either side of out game are Uniteds biggest games of the season. So to me that gives us a better chance than if they had this mid week and next mid week off and just the Prem to worry about.


Licker do you think 3 points against us or getting to the CL final is the main prioirty for United this week.


and if the CL games are a PRIORITY for a weaken squad then that can only be a positive for us.


I think you are actually deluded if you think Fergies prioriy next week is to come to Goodison Park on Saturday to put on a show and win well.

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Don't think getting something from Chelsea's out of the question either...listening to 606 yesterday the barcodes fans were saying they were clueless going forward and that Torquay could've kept a clean sheet against them...could they be running out of steam? And we're gonna win the league next season...now that's proper deluded :unsure: .

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Think Man U arses are tweeking, worse than our and they have some bad injuries as well


We have all week to prepare for this match on saturday


Shouldnt we start a man u thread?


Offically pat my arse is also stwittching

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Man utd have been the best team all season, playing some wonderfull attacking footbalL, 8 yes eight of their side have been voted into the prem team of the season, and if they where to slip up and not win the League, they would all be devastated, players, manager, and the Club as a Whole.


I think the league will be their priority, they would not want to give Chelsea a Sniff, expect a barrage at Goodison, because they cant take the chance of having to go to Chelsea to win the title.



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but they have 13 fit first teamers, two of which are keepers. i think we can scrape a drawe out of it. their defence is very weak now, hopefully play AJ and vaughan and a draw wont be far from us.

Dosnt matter how weak a defence is if there marking BT - which is likly

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