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Pfa Team Of The Year Bullshit

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Dont know if I agree or disagre, if im right this is voted for by alll pro players, so is fair, whether you like it or not, manu are in with a should have all three comps and naturally youd expect their players to be voted for, suprised there arnt a few more chelski players in their tba, but IMO its been an average season with no real supperstars, I even think Ronaldo has been a bit over rated


My player of the season is Drogba, and I have said how much I dont like him in the past, but credit where credit is due. Some of his goals, especially the one against the RS are imressive

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Interesting that it's got eight Manure players but not Shrek. Think it shows how the rest of the Prem players feel about Chelski and their style of play more than anything else. Surprised at least Terry and Lampard aren't in it.

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What a load of shit it is nearly all the manure squard, and a few other teams


Typical Country Bumming United as always


heres the link to the biased crap




TBH the only thing I think is wrong with that is the 2 full backs and Gerrard (not a biased view, honestly). I would tend to agree with the rest of that team.

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the real PFA team is shite, no way should neville, van der sarr and evra be in it, maybe the rest deserve it. Why on earth david james wernt in it i dont know, he has performed outstandingly this season. The link Mark gave is a good one as i think that should have been team of the season.

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And after reading the TEAMtalk one, theres is much better, although still not intirly what i would have chose, very fair, David James has been outstanding, Matty Taylor is a player ive admired for ages, should be our left back!!



Left Midfield. ;)

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Its a farce. Liverpool and Chelsea have the most clean sheets this season and the soundest of defences.


5 Mancs in the back 5?! What a farce. Carvalho has easily been the best centreback in England and Finnan, the right back. Essien has been a monster in midfield. Just his luck that he's had to play in defense since Jan.





Finnan Carvalho Vidic/Carra Lescott/Shorey




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Err Its picked by the players every player in the league gets a vote so whats to argue


oh, im sorry, didnt mean to have an opinion, i guess i'll have to get signed up as a pro then my opion will be relevant.


this is a forum mate, where people voice their opinions and ideas!

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