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End Of Season Party


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Apologies in advance if anyone thinks this is spam, it's just a genuine invite to a night out on the lash with some Everton legends....in light of recent events I can assume a certain Mr Ball's life will be celebrated too




The First NSNO End of Season Party

Friday 11th May 2007

The Casa Bistro

29 Hope Street, Liverpool L1


Alan Whittle was strong running and with a terrific engine, graduating through the School of Science before making his début in a 6-2 rout of West Brom 2 months before the 1968 FA Cup Final.


Gordon West is an Everton institution, winning 2 league titles and an FA Cup with Everton.


Tony Kay was a ferocious tackling midfielder with a magnificent pass who could motivate his team-mates immensely. Signed in 1962 for a then record £55,000 he won the league with Everton in 1963.


We have a late bar and a top local up and coming comedian to entertain us too


We're down to 20 tickets left, but if you guys wanted to take advantage of our table deal you'd be more than welcome

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Anybody. ?? £12-50p each if we can get six. cost more than that for a normal friday night out. c'mon lads.




Mike yeah Alan Whittle, does he still hold the blues record for scoring in nine consecutive matches, or was it nine in the last ten games during the run-in one season.

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six in the last six he got, without him we wouldn't have won the title in 1970


could say that about Westy and his clean sheets too though!


the table of six deal is right - you get it for the price of five


if you're one short, then maybe we can work something out as well

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dress code is relaxed, smart-casual


basically if you're a builder, get changed before you come and perhaps have a wash


there'll be food, a comedian, auctions and raffles, Irish Bingo, videos playing on the big screen, and a chance to ask the players your own questions and get stuff signed

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Was most dissapointed in the response to this, because it was'nt too long ago we where talking about doing something similar for our own TT forum members. Looks as tho that idea would have to be seriously discussed before undertaking such a venture, as Zed and myself were the only 2 people who showed any interest.


If we couldnt even fill a table for six, we've no chance of filling a whole room.


But would like to thank Si from NSNO for thinking about us, and giving all at TT the opportunity to take up the offer.


Thanks again Si.


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I would have loved to be able to go, I feel like I know everyone so well and yet we never get to socialise, maybe one day.


A nice big lottery win and pay for everyone to come to Darlo and sample the fleshpots of this "fine" town.


How about a virtual night out?, a cozy night around the PC with our chosen tipple and a dedicated thread to babble shit on?.





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