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Let them on but monitor..there are enough stewards now to do that I think. Stuff like the following post from this afternoon is fine...



In the past Everton, in whatever form they are in, seem to produce an extra effort in the merseyside derbies. Although recent form would propably suggest otherwise is it likely that Everton will perform really well.


Your views please :)


..but if they step out of line...is it possible to surgically castrate down an internet connection?

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Guarenteed if the shite win there will be all the old chestnuts on here


Was watching SSN AND THEY WERE OUTSIDE THE LIVERPOO SHOP in town asking predictions< looked like the fooking star wars bar< buch of freaks


The long boats are rowing up the royal blue mersey as we speak and all the boozers in town will be full of their 750,000 season ticket holders


Awight govenor.


Hope the players are up for a war tonight.

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i am all for fans of other teams coming on here and voicing their opinions however i think we should treat any newcomer with a zero tolorence policy so when they sign up they get warned about their behaviour and if they step out of line once they r gone as nothing worse then all the topics being full of shite for days/weeks at least this way the mindless piss takers will be gone before any more t talk members vanish into the blue traingle

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Guest fozzie22

I agree we have been mean and lean,by all means come on and have a bit of fun and discuss football,but when it goes down the road of your shit..blah,blah it gets old fast.

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