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Everton Vs Red Shite


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The RS had the luck and we didn't, although you make your own luck


1st goal was good


2nd deflected shot

3rd straight after half time. That was the sucker punch that we didnt come back from.


disallowed goal


Dodgy ref sent off neville for fook all and arteta's yellow was a joke, same old same old. the players didn't get what they deserved. Graham fookin poll needs a slap


Yes, we where not that good, but I feel there is a very thin line between winniing and loosing, we are just getting the thin end of the wedge ATM



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It was me you fookin MONG and I did it to see who would be the bellend to come back and what it would be. And look how long it took you.


You obviously couldn't think of fook all at the time, now you won you have got a come back, typical RS glory hunting fool


I'll still be here supporting Everton through thin and thin, you fooking lot finish anywhere below 3rd and your attendances start dropping.


Run along back to your champions of europe, or will you be supporting chelski next season


Im a winner just for being a blue

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