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Petr Cech

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He may be the best keeper in the World but he's shite at penalties if that was anything to go by. Both Alonso's and Kuyt's he went the right way at the right level but somehow managed to let them in. Lack of agility due to his height I guess. Pissed off by the result...wanted Chelski to have two finals to worry about rather than just the one, but never mind...we'll beat them anyway!

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I watched it as a neutral and was engrossed, it was like a game of chess with all the little Duels going on all over the pitch, some great individual performances in both teams, i would pick out Makelele and Essien for Chelsea, but man of the match for me was Carragher. He never gave Drogba a look in. Awesome.


I think to myself now ....................... who can stop them, Rafa seems to get it spot on for Champs league matches.

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Guarantee I see some RS shirts on campus tomorrow. Typical Liverpool fans here in the U.S


So do i assume, that you stayed in your room all day and didn't gloat about the win when you guys beat us at Goodison?

And likewise, will you not wear your everton shirt if you qualify for Europe this time?



I kinda understand what your trying to say. But not every fan who wears the win on his head the next few days after a major triumph is a glory hunter. Fans spend years looking for such glory. Its moments like these that we cherish. Should be allowed to celebrate after such wins, shouldnt we?




Think we had a game plan going attacking Cech's right hand side everytime except for the kuyt goal. Alonso's penalty was quite firmly struck and maybe thats why Cech couldnt reach it in time.


Reina's no little man himself, standing at 6 foot 2. Did well to reach down and wide on Robben's effort.

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