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Phillip Carter?


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Chelsea Deny Bosses On Missing Chopper

Updated: 09:37, Wednesday May 02, 2007


A helicopter carrying businessman Phillip Carter from last night's Liverpool v Chelsea European Champions League is missing, his company says.


Chelsea FC says all its officials are accounted for following reports that some may have been on board the private chopper that disappeared off radar screens last night.


Sources had told Sky News that the club's top officials may have been on the craft.


The helicopter, which was carrying four or five people, left John Lennon Airport in Liverpool last night and was heading to a private landing site near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, when it vanished.


Police are investigating links between the helicopter and last night's Champions League match between Chelsea and Liverpool at Anfield.




Sky News correspondent James Matthews says mountain rescue teams are due to start searching an area around the east Midlands.


A police spokeswoman said: "Details are sketchy at the moment.


"The helicopter, we believe, had about four or five people on board and was a twin-engine Squirrel.


"It left John Lennon Airport in Liverpool at about 11pm last night and was on its way to a private address near Peterborough.


"It appears to have disappeared off the radar. At the moment we are trying to find out more.


"The best case scenario is that it has made an emergency landing somewhere."






I wonder if this is our Philip Carter?

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QUOTE(Blue 250 @ May 2 2007, 8:51 PM)

"Football,more important than life and death"......(bill shankley)


BULLSHIT!.................Ask the lady who's husband and son were on

that helicopter!!



Random post!


Errrmmm Guess so!


Just thinking about the passion of the football fan for his team!...and then

whats really important in life.


Got me thinking about that famous little quote!....never did agree with it.


RANDOM?........All my posts are random :rolleyes:

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And you never fill out a full line grrr lol you allways press enter a long way bofre you get to the end of your line.



I once had a bad experience.....fell from a great height!!....I never go near the edge

any more,of any thing!......including when I type!!I will try in future to go a bit further

across the page!........I just hope you know the stress your putting me under :unsure:

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