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Nigel Reo Coker

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I'v started this thread because of some of the comments made in the summer transfare thread cos I'd like to gauge the general opinion on this kid. I have this image in my head that he's a quality central midfielder admittedly he's had a bad year but lets be honest so have all the west ham team, theres players all over that club that have let themselves down massivly.


As i'v been thinking about NRK it's dawned on me that the only time I'v ever paid any attention to him is when the BBC built him up before the FA cup final with the shite, he was singled out as the next best thing and a proper contender to face Stevie laaar in midfield.


Was it all media hype? Or is there a good plyer under there waiting to get out??

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He obviously got something to catch peoples eye, hes the England U21 Captain and also the Wham captain at only 21, takes some doing does that. It would be like Moyes making Vaughan capaint next season

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