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Stadium Move

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I cannot say for cirtain what the outcome of a fans vote will be but judging on the overwhelming support that KEIOC are recieving during the leflet distribution & meetings as well as on the website I would hazzard a guess that the vote will be NO to Kirkby!


So my question is why are Everton asking every man & his dog before the people it actually matters to? If they complete every stage of planning only to get a NO vote from the fans will they take any notice? I think we are being backed into a corner prior to the "vote" so the club can bully us once they have us there.


I know personally 2 of the people who attended the meeting with BK the other week and this is not how he spelled it out to them. This all stinks of a done deal and I fear we are off to kirkby regardless, the thing thats realy starting to bug me about this is once we are whores to tesco with our shiney new stadium our share price will increase correct? We will then most proberbly attract investment and who will profit form the sale of their shares to our new owners?





Everton have revealed that the next stage in the proposed plan for a new stadium will start shortly.


However, the club are adamant that a fans ballot is still fundamental to any new stadium development in Kirkby.


A major public consultation exercise is to be launched with Kirkby residents next month to seek their views on the development, which would include a 55,000-seater stadium, a new Tesco superstore and a shopping complex - and if the Board of Directors should decide that Kirkby is their preferred option, Everton supporters will also be offered their say.


The three partners issued a joint statement on Thursday outlining the next phase.


The statement said: "Knowsley Council, Tesco and Everton Football Club have been involved in an exclusivity agreement for several months with a view to deciding whether to go ahead with proposals for a new retail centre and football stadium in Kirkby town centre.


"At a recent high-level meeting, it was agreed to move to the next stage which is to start a major consultation process on the proposals for residents and businesses in Kirkby."


Everton chief executive Keith Wyness added: "We have been fully exploring our options for the future for some considerable time now.


"Talks with both Knowsley Borough Council and Tesco are continuing and we are encouraged by the progress which has been made.


"We hope to be in a position to deliver more news, and more information to our supporters in the not-too-distant future."

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How will they decide who's eligible to vote? Season ticket holders only? Too late to have a ballot at a game this season...be interested to know. Will I (for example) get one? May have only been to two home games this year but those two (in addition to spending in the shop and online) have cost me far more than a season ticket would have. Not suggesting I have a right to a say...just putting the question.

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i now what your saying mate, and i too think its a done deal. if they want it enough a vote can easily be published how ever they want. but i honestly dont think bk is in it for the money or to rip the club off.


I dont think he is either but he knows the fans are gona say no so why consult with every fucker in the world, spend thousands of quid in the process on for a vote which I think he's aware he's gona loose!!

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I am keeping an open mind on the whole thing to be honest.


To early to start shouting up and down about moving to Kirby in my opinion. Let them do there thing and see what comes of it. I am in no doubt that BK, Wyness et al are very much interested in the Kirby project otherwise we wouldn't be in the situation we are in, but to say its a done deal if jumping ahead of yourself a bit.


All bit black & white at the moment Kirby or not Kirby. lets wait and see what is put before us when it comes to a fans ballot.


I am afraid its all going to have to be a bit of give and take when it comes to a new stadium, I am afraid it is obviouse there is no perfect solution otherwise it will have already been sorted.


I am not going to lose any sleep over it just all yet.


I personnally am a BK fan, and don't think he's in it with Everton FC to make a personnal gain whatsoever. - Isn't he the only Chairman in the Prem who doesn't take a wage from the club?


I don't actually think Everton are actually putting their hands in there pockets for this study are they? - so what we go to lose.

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Any vote will be done by the season ticket holders, they did this previously when the proposed move to the kings dock was announced


I always thought that the current split was about 50/50, even when the kings Dock move was proposed (which on paper looked amazing) the vote was about 80/20 in favour of the move, and I cound not understand why those 20% were not in favour


We are currently half way down a long road of lobbying (from both sides) and I think its going to get much worse

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I dont think he is either but he knows the fans are gona say no so why consult with every fucker in the world, spend thousands of quid in the process on for a vote which I think he's aware he's gona loose!!


im not convinced the fans are gunna say no, about 8 of us meet in the pub after the games and all of us are for some sort of move. if the proposal is a good one and not like some ikea stadium then i'll still be voting yes.


last time it wasnt just season ticket holders, it was everyone who was at that game got a little booklet with the proposal and a voting sheet. i know me and my dad got a vote and we didnt have season tickets.

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