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Alan Stubbs.....


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As from Skysport


"Everton defender Alan Stubbs is hoping to be offered a new deal at Goodison Park.


The former Celtic and Bolton man's current contract expires at the end of the season and he could leave on a free transfer.

Talks have yet to take place, but Stubbs remains hopeful of earning an extended stay at his boyhood club.


"I'd like to be here but it's entirely down to the manager," Stubbs told The Sun. "I haven't spoken to him yet and in a couple of weeks I'll be a free agent.


"It was tough missing out (on Europe) last time and even harder coming back and watching the games.


"It was disappointing to miss out on playing in Europe as I felt I was a big part of the team that year.


"We achieved something Everton hadn't done in a long time and I've been lucky enough to do something similar again now.


"I'd like to be offered the chance to be here next season but, right now, I don't know what's going to happen."








I feel he was short changed the previous time and we knew how much he ment to us when we did preety bad....he came and he solidyfy the defence....


lets be honest and fair to the true evertonian.....i strongly believe he deserves a contract and a chance to play in Europe with his favourite club. How many such dedicated players we can see nowadays? he is a real honest chap, a living testimony......Please DM give him a chance and a contract....we love him and please do not disappoint him or us!!!!


...what do others feel? comments please.....

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IMO he sould be offered a damn sight more than a 12 month deal, he has earned it. Maybe a 12 month playing deal before moving onto out coaching staff, lot of experience and a good footballing brain to lose methinks.





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Agree with Mac...he took a pay cut to join us from Celtic...a rare breed indeed. Certainly give him a contract, he may not be an automatic starter any more but if we progress as we should next year we're going to have a lot more games to play, and he's a hell of an alternative to have at the club. Job for life imo.

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He's certainly deserved a new contract for backup and agree with Mac get him as coaching staff as well after that. He his someone who will look after the younger players as well and some younger players can certainly improve a bit of Stubbs mentality to football and Everton rubs off on them.

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Think we should look elsewhere, OK he deserves another 12 months but i wouldnt like to be relying on Stubbsy in a Eufa Final at the age of 36/37. :) A younger man is needed if we intend to step up another level.


No place for sentiment if we want to improve another notch.

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Yer I can see what u mean Licker but the way he is playing imo you wouldnt think he was that old...the only thing with Stubbs is he lacks pace and hits it up a bit to often but I still think he can do a job if we need him!!


He's Scouse

He's Great

He's Tony Hibberts Mate


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We need a squad, not just a first team, 12 months as cover deffo


Moyes will have learned his lesson from last time when he let a few go and stuggled to get any replacements


We need the awl arses, hes not that old, hes my age :) I went to school with him for a couple of years

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