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Scot Brown To Everton 4m

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this lad is surpossed to be a very very good player. I have to admit I don't know much about scottish football, and always nervouse that player doing well in Scotland are only shining in a second rate league (less competative than the Championship)


But a TOP performers are the type of players we should be going for. I wouldn't be dissapointed if he joined us this summer.

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Some more info on the lad.


Sounds a decent player - Attacking midfeilder, who is physical and can tackle. At £3M I would think well worth a punt, as I have mentioned on another post, becasue of the new money in the Prem - this summer £3M is like £1.5- £2M last summer, just because clubs have relatively more to spend.

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Guest blueboy122

No dont want him never seen him play and dont want him. Scottish leagues are equal to the enlish league one. Much prefer to get barton for 4 million even with all his baggage. I have recenlty sed i do noy want him in my previous posts due to the fact of how much troulbe he has been in. But maybe it will be diferent at everton because of the players we have here like stubbs etc who can maybe mentor him (which someone already pointed out) i just think the lad is passionate about his football. I have seen another side to joey barton thanks to me reading some of other members posts. Would prefer him to nolan and reo coker. Dont no about fernandes

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