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There have been quite a few comments on here about how crap he is, yes, of late hes not been playing his best and has been caught in possesion a few times.


But for people with short memories he is fourth in our very own player of the year comp


Not bad going for a shit player

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If were playing it like that then that makes Beatts a better player this season than Vaughn and Anechebe???


Vaughan and Anichebe didn't play that many games though did they? And BT got votes if he managed to get his boots on the right way round...lot of sympathy for him in some quarters on here (you know who you are :angry: ). I'm an unashamed Ossie fan personally, like I've said before, we get better players, play more of a passing game and he'll shine!

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sorry, but its nopt just this season, even last season he was poor imo.

i dont see an end product from him anywhere near what we did a couple of seasons ago. ok, he does a job, but i believe him to be the weakest midfield player (from our regular starters) in terms of what he brings. he cant compare to what cars arteta cahill or even neville bring to the team.

its not a personal thing, coz i do understand he does try his best, but as we are now looking towards better things at Everton, i dont think his best is enough anymore, squad player for me

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The problem with players like Osman,is that he can shoot!he can tackle and at times

he's not to light weight.Now getting him to do those things consistantly THAT is the problem!

That must lie with the coaches and manager.

A few seasons ago Jamie Carrigher was thought of by some rs as only an average squad

player.....now he and Gerrard are the first names on the team sheet!

An honest rs fan told me he'd never seen a player have to put in so much effort just to

complete a simple pass,that was a few seasons ago.I think we have to admit Carrigher is

now a pretty dam good defender.Late developer?good coaching?luck?who knows what

changed him.

Osman will be at Everton next season,if Fernandes and Barton sign(maybe others)and with

Arteta,Cahill,Carsley and Neville.....Then Osman to get a game is going to have to make that

step up.He will know that.....can he do it?

I for one hope so.It can only be good for the club getting young players through the ranks.

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With Chelsea on the offensive, Osman carried the ball into the hosts' half and brilliantly delayed his pass until he could pick out Vaughan at the far post, left unmarked to slot past Cech.


Says a bit more! Really don't see what people have against him.

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^^^^ Please dont lie Kilbane was absolute shite, at least ossie is a good player and can play when he wants.. and yer he has a few motm performances and I dont mind him, but we do need a left winger and that will move him out of our 1st 11...


Is this the shite Kilbane who got the nickname Zinadine due to being fooking great in his first season B)


BTW, I dont lie, you say above all these positive things about Ossie then slag him off, you need to make you mind up

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