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Not really a footballing question but anyway!!


Last week whilst watching the Champions League Semi at Anfield, after the shoot out they showed all the "lovable" folk on the Kop waving there scarves (tossers). There was some bloke there who was waving a scarf half Liverpool half Barcelona and my first thought was thats a bit strange!!


After thinking about it ( hey I have a boring job :D ) I was wondering if this is now a normal thing at the football now, seeing as I havent been to Goodison in 20 odd years, do you see any like that there or this just an RS thing?


I know that if I saw one that it would piss me right off, having any name next to Everton would cheapen the thing.


I know that a lot of people support teams from other countries and leagues but just seems very strange to me!!





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There used to be half Everton half cetic scarves and wooly hats in the eightees, plus you can buy for every game you go to at Goodison off one of the sellers outside a badge for that game only, so I guess the sellers sell souviner half barca half shite scarves for their game earlier in the season against barca


BTW I also seen that bloke with his halfy halfy scalf and thought



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