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Tim Cahill


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As you might know, Timmy Cahill is currently injured and is gone for the rest of the season, he had a early holiday and made his way down under early.. I was watching a Winter Super League match yesterday between Stgeorge (Timmy's brothers team) and Mt Druitt, and happened to see Timmy himself amongst spectators. I made the most of my opportunity and spent the whole 90minutes with the man himself. When asked about Anfield and the atmosphere he said " Mate, the atmosphere is electic, it really gives me goosebumps, nothing compares to it, I sometimes wonder how it is playing for Liverpool". That really made my day.


I also got to speak about the WC, And as youse now, he scored 2 important goals against Japan during Australia's route to the last 16. When asked about Harry he said "His a pleasure to play with mate, I wish him all the best and hope his fit enough for the CL Final".


He really is a modest guy and down to earth.

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Hahaha funny one...



I also read that beneathUs is going to DM house everyday for coaching lesson on how to build a team of players with quality, character and charisma with limited fund!!!


hahaha stupid red shites! go to hell!!

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Come on lads!........please don't frighten little Gary away!!.........Lets have some fun!!

After all my brothers a rs! and I know how they tick.Their in the champions league final!

(in case you hadn't heard)That's the cup competition for the best teams from every league

in europe.....DOH!They haven't won their countries league title for 20 years!

They haven't won a cup compotition of any sort in the last 20 years without some kinda major

luck or penalties!!

They will win the Champions league again this year!!With a 40 yard header!.....in the last minute

of injury time against an opposistion down to 9 men!


Yeh sure we haven't won much!.....but we kicked your arse's 3-0!


So let's make little Gary welcome on here.......and when the expencive imports come and join

the rs next season and Stevie gets injured.......THEN,let's see what he's got to say!

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how come garys post has been edited by mikeo how does that work???? :huh:


Stewards get access to all posts in order to take out anything too obscene or otherwise unacceptable. Very rarely used and I didn't alter his post at all, just the title.

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