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Home Alone In Toffee Talk


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yes i am home alone and running naked in the toffee talk house o shit who let fido in no bad dog thats not a sausage let go o fucking hell why arent the curtains drawn mac that was your job sorry madam no dont call the police i swear i am not getting a blowie of the dog u see licker 4got to feed it and romey was ment to walk it and i thought i was home alone so i pinched one of zeds beers while watching claires porn then got hot and sweaty so took a shower then the phone went and i jumped out of the shower and ran to the phone by the front window and it was pat phoning to say he had run away with tara to mikeo shed as tara only likes big sheds so u see madam i am not a perv just a part of the toffeetalk family

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